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Death Note (Cartoon)


Anyone into this cartoon? It used to come on Adult Swim but I haven't seen it in ages.


one of my favorites


it is on netflix instant right now. it was a pretty good show.


I plan on watching this who thing on netflix after i finish bleach...


Haven't heard of it, but f it's on Adult Swim, it's gotta be worth a look.


The anime and manga are awesome. Still want to see the live action version.


iv seen the live action version, courtersy of my anime-mad friend. it was good


Its not on there anymore I don't think. But,when it was on it aired Saturday nights.

Its an awesome story.

A high school student finds a notebook that belongs to a God of Death. Whatever name is written in the book has a heart attack instantly.

The student starts writting the names of criminals in the book to make the world a better place. He kills millions with the book. All the while the death god pokes fun at him, he's very sarcastic,not evil at all.

Well law enforcement is pissed all over the world because the student is stealing their thunder. This mean EVERYONE in the world is looking for him. It turns out that the lead investagator is the students own dad and they live in the same house.

There are quite a few other complications in the series...another notebook shows up and another highly skilled detective gets after him.

Its really fast moving.

I really like the Demon God, he's funny as hell from what I remember.

Its on Hulu,I believe.


Yeah it is a good cartoon for sure. full of very interesting plot twists!

I was on netflix the other day looking for something good to watch and didn't come across it there. Instead I saw that they had Robotech and got sucked back into that. Not to threadjack but damn I loved/love Robotech!


One of the best reasons to watch..


If ones okay with subtitles one can watch it for free at http://www.vizanime.com/deathnote


90% of the time I am a sub over dub dude all the way, But Death Note is so verbose that all that reading can get tiring sometimes. Although I've seldom come across an Dubbed anime done better than the subbed version. With the exception of Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist.


great manga. the movie was great, too. such a good story.


The live action films are pretty good too. Obviously they will be a bit more condensed, but over all they were enjoyable. The Shinigami looked absolutely perfect. My only complaint is the Shinigami should have had more screen time because they looked so cool.

There are a lot of shitty anime you could be watching coughXenosagacough. Death Note is not one of them.