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Death Metal v2


As the asshole who closed out the first thread, it's my duty to make the new one.

detazathoth's Death Metal thread: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/death_metal?id=2227666&pageNo=0

Hate Eternal - I Monarch



Some accessible melodic death:

Insomnium - Daughter of the Moon

Soilwork - Shadowchild (once you've heard one song of theirs, you've heard them all)

Dark Tranquillity - The Wonders at Your Feet


Metallum says these guys are Death Metal/Metalcore... hope I'm not too out of line posting Metalcore lol. Also their stuff wasn't on youtube, so it must be good.

Malefactor - Absence of Light

Malefactor - Choose Your Path


I think the first thread just reached the limit.

Anyway, here's some new Grave:


Origin..definitely worthy of mention


Wooo that was excellent! I'm going to have to revisit these guys.


Death Metal some of the best music ever created is under the genre.


Just found this nice little gem:

F corpsegrinder, ruined CC if you ask me


some people think that Sentenced is not death metal because they don't scream and blastbeat but listen and you'll know why they're one of my favorites.
Excuse Me While I Kill Myself

Ever Frost

Killing Me Killing You


Hell yeah...some new Grave. Their older stuff was pretty simple but still catchy as hell.

You will never see...Heaven! \m/ \m/


Actually, some of Sentenced's earlier works, "Shadows of the Past" and "North From Here," were most definitely death metal with the usual stylings...great albums.


doesn't this one make you want to kill something?
Norselaw - Sweet Home Scandinavia


Kalhmah is probably one of my favorite melo death metal bands.



Off to see Eyehategod.


Disgorge (CA) - Deranged Epidemic


Me likey!

Brain Drill's newest, I thought the broke up.

Found these guys a while back and they fucking kill it.

Old school


\m/ Brain Drill...shit is sick


OPETH - From a few years back but still a good one.