Death Matches

Who would everybody like to see fight celebraty deathmatch style? I think Yoda vs. Bruce Lee in a ‘kung fu meets the force’ match would be great. As would Vince McMahon vs. a panda to find out who should really have the WWF logo. Michel Jackson vs. a TV dinner to see which has more plastic in would also provide great insight I feel. Any suggestions?

Bruce Lee vs Yoda.I don’t know, Lee never exhibited any supernatural type powers when he fought. Maybe Yoda should fight Kwai Chang Caine. Caine was a regular sorceror by the end of Kung Fu The Legend continues. I give the edge to Yoda.

Yoda is unstoppable. His libido, unlimited.

you could put Yoda against bruce lee, jackie chan, mike tyson, superman, batman, spiderman, and the incredible hulk and Yoda would beat them all

How about Yoda vs. Chevy Chase with his “Modern Problems” powers. My money’s on Chevy. Anyone who can make a woman scream in pleasure from 10’ away has some real power.

Ya Yoda could kick all those mortals asses, but Data from Star Trek would kick his little, green, scaley ass.