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Death by Salad


I haven't decided if this is funny...or just sad.


YOU decide. Let's assume he's you and it's a bowl of see urchins instead of your usual fare of ants.

heh heh


This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Internetz are limited so I can only give you +1.


was this actually in saw 7?


Yes, haven't you seen it?


Nah, Saw traps are sickeningly gory. I'd never post them on here. There was a glutton in the first one who had to crawl through a cage of barbed wire or something...don't remember the details.


hahah, no way was that really in the movie, if so i might consider actually watching 3-10 and renew my faith in the franchise.


Are any of them actually worth watching?


The first one's decent and the second one is watchable, but I'd all it a day after that.


the first 2 were decent, third was getting ridiculous, then i stopped because they started making one a year for halloween to get moar money. was jason 5-10 worth watching?


Thanks guys, I might give the first one a try tonight or tomorrow.


I think the franchise actually made a halfway decent attempt at redemption with Saw 6...It was better than 2-5. The thing about Saw is, it was such a brilliant, original premise that went to waste as it just turned into gore porn. The ironic thing is, the first one is not gory at all. It plays up more to the psychological games the serial killer is playing and doesn't really show any of the gruesome deaths. Downside is the best premise in the world can't mask terrible acting and writing.