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Death by Eccentrics

Bear with me… I am having trouble writing this. It all started last thursday, my 2nd day into Waterbury’s 10x3. I made one change though, instead of Day 3 with the 10x3 chinups, I replaced it with ‘Keep your chin up!’ Level 3 chinup routine.

3x22 eccentric pullups
5x5 chinups
1x40 lat-pulldown
3xmax chin/pullups

I did the whole entire routine, the 5x5 with 33lbkg and the lat-pulldown on 60lb
Now this is why I am having trouble writing this: It is two days after the day, and my arms are still wanting to sit at right angles, they feel like they are tearing every time I straighten them, I have trouble picking up a milk carton my upper-biceps are so raped.

It feels like my tendons are deteriorated, disintegrated. I didn’t expect this at all, I kind of just worked through any pain I had in the workout. My hands too. Forearms are thoroughly ripped up and lats too, but my lats aren’t bothering me so much.

How should I be handling this? Other than eating a whole crap-load more than usual, are there any recovery techniques to help soften the pain I am going through? Should I let my arms recover at right angles and stretch them out later when I am recovered, or should I be keeping them painfully straight for as long a time I can? Any tips? I really dont know what to say, I just want the after-workout pain to stop!

Next time beef liver after the workout

First of all I wouldn’t change the WM 10x3 chin day for the keep your chin up routine. You shouldn’t mess around with programs like that. Also, there is more than just chins on that day. You also do decline bench, calf raises and lunges to name a few. Just stick to the program and you will get good results.

To answer your question, I find taking bcaa’s throughout your workout helps decrease soreness.

Yeah I included the lunges and decline db bench, but ran out of time to do calves. I did sprint training the day before, so I didn’t think it was THAT important to do calves.

One guy I talked to suggested Mag Phosphate, I will go down to my local and see if they have that. Otherwise he said contrast ice and heat every 20 mins and get some electrolytes and extra protein. Electrolytes just a fancy name for salt? What salts (which are good for tissue recovery) are readily available from every day foods and general store supplements?

It might not be a big problem. When I do chinups heavily I got really sore biceps that are hard to straighten, and when I have to pick anything up I get a stabbing pain in them. I was worried at first, but it seems to go away after a few days

Oh great, a few days… lol. It’s been 2 days already. I have done some pretty awesome over-workouts in my time as a noob pre-tnation, but never have I been in this much pain. Like, my tendons feel like they did when I got osgood schlatters in my knee. But yeah, usually the overwork was done to my legs (which I’m used to) and I never got pain in my upperbody too bad before.

Expect that kind of pain when after 66 ECCENTRIC reps.

It’s not too strange when having sore muscle for over two days. They are called DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) and they are badass.
I can figure why you got such sore muscles when exchanging a total of 30 chin ups for 66 eccentric chins and 25 regular chinups and 40 lat pulldowns and then 3 times chins till failure. Overloading is good, but doing such huge increases seems unnecessary to me. Your cns should be fried now as well. Have you checked you regular heartrate when getting up?

Bump. Ok it has been almost 2 weeks now. I find it strange, but I have lost a lot of muscle speed, or I am less powerful. By which I mean Im a lot slower when doing chinups, thus because of the time under tension I can do a lot less. Is this the nature of eccentric training? That aside, how do I fix this, other than isometric training to reverse the effects?

I have learned an important lesson today. I thought I picked a program to fit my goals, but it didnt. I didnt really understand the effects of high-rep eccentric movements, and I still dont. What were they meant to do for me? It promised increasing my concentric total-rep max. It didnt. Im not totally whinging and whining here, I seriously dont understand the physiological workings happening here. Can someone please explain what could have happened, what should have, what DID happen, and for all the above: why?

Yup. Expect some performance regression after doing that kind of thing and laying off that long to ease the pain. Ideally, that program should be done once a week. Instead, you rested 2 weeks which caused your performance to drop via involution.

Here’s another possible reason of failure - you just weren’t ready for that kind of training.