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Death and How to Cope


Last thursday, my good friend and workout partner tragically passed away at the age of 17. He was a good football player, a great wrestler, and held the MI Teen-1 198 state raw powerlifting record in the USAPL. Im still shocked, and im still lost. how do you find inner peace with this, and how do you cope?


Talk to people who knew him about his life and his positive influence on you. For example, try to do something nice for his family to ease their grief or to assure them that he lives on through you. Usually the best cure for bad things is doing good things. Realize that life is short and we're all in the process of dying and try to give your own life meaning. Do things in his honor. Share fun stories of him with mutual friends. Stuff like that.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Time ... focus on the positives you took from your experiences with him and incorporate them into your own life the best you can and focus on developing. It's tough to lose a good friend at such a young age and I'm sorry for your loss. Be happy that you were friends with such an outstanding individual even if his time on this Earth was short, learn from this experience and grow.


Good posts, One major thing is don't let it effect you negatively in any way shape or form. If you have to imagine him floating on a cloud up in the sky looking down on you do it, but know this, No part of him, past present or future, wants his friends in a worse off place because of him.

So do him right, keep him in your memories, and stay strong in his honor. Other than that, it's still your life, so you will have many other things in the next 80 years or so to have to deal with. Take notes and continue to learn about yourself.