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Dear T-Nation, Update on My Life


remember my thread where i got hammered for the low cals and such, well i spent days reading every nutrition article and learned a ton.

im now 5 foot 3, 120.4 pounds, 11.5% body fat.

today i woke up, had a 12 oz can of tuna, an hour later i had an apple. lunch, pre workout i had 2 pieces of pizza, alot of carbs for the first time in about a week, then i went to workout

started off 1 mile HIIT on the elipticle trainer .10 at 10 mph and then another .10 at 15 mph untill i hit one mile.

then i hit the upperbody hard...all my lifts were up by about 10-20 pounds.

after the upperbody workout i ended with another 1 mile HIIT on elipticle..then i had a whey protein shake after.

i got home and took a nap, woke up, had 3-4 servings of chilli, 4 slices of whole wheat bread..went for a 20 mile "hills" bikeride. afterwards i ate cottage cheese mixed with sugarfree strawberry preserves.

what do you guys think? i feel great!


Good stuff! keep eatin'!

Also... do all you americans call what we call 'Jam' preserves... ? I find that weird...


You call that a lot of carbs? Really?

What are you trying to accomplish with your training? Sure doesn't look like you're trying to get bigger or stronger.

I can't see why you'd start a workout with HIIT. Also doesn't make sense why you'd do it again after weight training, and then go cycling later in the day unless your focus is to improve endurance.

I have nothing against endurance training, if that's your objective, but your training and diet sure are not what I'd have anyone use to get bigger and/or stronger.

Frankly, it looks like you have an eating disorder.


Never in my life have I heard someone in the US use the term 'preserves'. I always heard "hey can you pass me the strawberry jam". I guess it depends where you live.


You're not eating a whole lot of food. A can of tuna for breakfast? That's around 300 calories.. Also, why the pizza?


they call the jam loaded with sugar jam..the sugarfree stuff says sugarfree preserves lol


the pizza was more of a carb load sort of thing pre workout because i have been verry low carb for awhile and glycogen was depleted


I see. But you're still barely eating anything. If you're at 120 pounds, you have a lot of eating to do.


Its never a good idea to be intensively active before a lifting session. My advice to you is do the weights first (you'll be suprised at the difference it makes!), have a protein shake, then do the HIIT right afterwords.

Props on the improvement though.


If you're doing real HIIT, the last thing you'll want is a protein drink right before it.

Your body won't have a chance to digest the protein anyway, so you're better off having Surge Recovery afterward.


if your 120lbs. take 150g of protein daily. eat 4000cal daily. And do arnolds big six....don't even waste time running... Unless your trying to get down to 100lbs. Pizza for a carb load? well it would be bad advice for anyone else. but at a whopping 120 lbs.... You eat everything in sight, and lift BIG!


I gotta even ask why you're doing HIIT? I don't think I even added that to my last prep until I was about 6 weeks out, and doing it BEFORE your weights?! Dude, you're shooting yourself in both feet there.



WOW! Thats alot of cardio for 120lbs? whats your goal, to run a marathon? Eat more good food!
and its JELLY in the midwest.


That's about 2500 calories you just ate there. Eat more and stop doing cardio before weights.

You're currently light enough to be picked up, tied to a dumbbell and used for one arm rows. Seriously, beef up your calories, literally.


Why was this thread revived?