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Dear Professionals

To all of the veterans who have tried to make a living in fitness:

I am an undergraduate student currently pursuing a life behind a keyboard, crunching figures and wielding computers. I don’t think that is exactly what I want to do anymore.

I am considering changing my major to exercise science. And this is why I come here. I will, of course, talk to my counselor along with others face to face, but I think that this forum could prove to be a fantastic place to put my questions.

What kind of jobs are there for someone with a degree in Exercise Science? The first things that come to mind are trainers and S&C coaches. If I wanted such a vocation, should I expect a humble house full of coupons?

Is ES even the right degree? is there some other major that would cover the same area, only pay more. I know when I look at some of the programs my university offers for computer science I shake my head.

Some of the real veterans on here probably know what questions I should really be asking which I am not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

[quote]swarren wrote:

If I wanted such a vocation, should I expect a humble house full of coupons?

It depends on the school you go to.

Most Ivy League schools, for example, award up to a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse full of coupons upon graduating according to your class ranking.

Most state colleges just award the standard 2/1/1/C for a degree in exercise science. If you carry a minor in any other health science, they usually fill the garage up with coupons as well.

My local community college only gives you a 1986 Ford Escort full of coupons, so that is pretty lame and should be avoided.

I asked my class dean once who clips all of those millions of coupons every year, and why do they stuff houses with them. He told me I should shut-up and mind my own business if I knew what was good for me.

Eh, what can you do? A tradition’s a tradition, I guess.

I think your earning potential will be much higher in your current field.

Most of us professionals, who have this as our only job, do it out of love. We will most likely never be wealthy, famous, or even comfortable. This is a fact. I do my job only out of my love for the job.