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Dear Love Handles

Like the drunken uncle at the wedding, I wish you’d go away.



How’d your interview with Diesel turn out?

The interview went really well. It was only supposed to last for 5 minutes, we ended up talking for 20, mostly about Diesel’s strategy and advertising ethics. Second interviews are by phone, so I’m nervously awaiting the call. Not sure if I’ll get it, but I’d be pretty dissapointed if I didn’t.

Thanks for asking!

hmm. You’re still here.

goes and gets the electric butter knife and the ace bandages

Rumbach, I’ve heard that those prairie dog vacuums that they use to, well, suck prairie dogs out of the ground work for removing love handles if you just make a slight incision big enough to slide it in.

And no belly shirts for you until they’re gone. :slight_smile:

You mean I have to put my mid-riff “LICK” shirt away?


Where do I get one of those “PD vacuums”?

I too pray to the gods that they will take my love handles away. They haven’t gone away yet.

God must not exist, for I have asked for the same things.

I feel a song comming on, to the tune of “Dear Penis.”

Dear Love Handles, I don’t think I like you anymore
You used to be cute, but now you just droop toward the floor
Now I can hardly make it through the door
Dear Love Handles, I don’t think I like you anymore

(anyone who knows the song, help me put more lines to this!)

Now i’m figuring this post out…

You’ve been starving for 2 weeks, and the love handles are still there?

ahhhhh, yeah man that does suck. I had the same thing happen, it was actually part of the reason I did starve for a while in college (other main reason was the food gave me the bad feeling in the guts).

Didnt work for me either. Actually I still have them even now, really am at a loss for how to get rid of them *.

*with a caveat of course, that being I can’t lose strength or even slow my gains too much.

Haha, the actual positive to being broke and having no money is HOPING the love handles will go away.

But then you realize that only food will make you lose fat. Weird, right?