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Dear God, the Fatness


Oh god I think I'm in love. LOL!


Yuck... For some reason, though, I've seen this guy somewhere. I want to say it was on an MTV show years ago about fat people comfortable with their bodies, but I'm not sure. I tried eliminating all evidence of MTV from my brain.

And I'm actually morbidly curious about the shot of him on all fours. That's got to be painful on the ol' knees.


This guy is fucking crazy.


I've heard really fat chicks say that before.


Who are these people that are buying the calendar? Next thing you know its "cool" to be fat.


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit AND died just a little bit inside.


I guess you don't have Walmarts up there.


They throw an obesity/scooter party every single night.


I don't click links before I see other peoples reactions to them.
It sounds like I've been saved yet again!


I just laughed really hard when I clicked that link! thanks for that



Too bad he's into guys.


I know. He is just on a dirty bulk, right?


Wow. He may "feel sexy," but I'd be very surprised if that guy can actually engage in the sex act.

I imagine the calendars are purchased primarily by people as a joke. Sad.

(But he chooses to publicly spotlight his physique, so fat haters, mock away with my blessing.)


Ha we do. Conveniently loaded with a McDonalds. So the people who buy this guy's calendar can eat to become like him.


Again, if I recall, this guy was on MTV. I think he had a big, gay comrade at his side. Dude was fairly muscular, actually. I was definitely shocked when I saw that.


That's what I'd call a "fat fuck".





I'm way too curious for my own good. I just had to see the bull picture.

Here's a link to a "small" version of the calender.


He can pose naked in every picture and it is still G rated because his rolls cover up his junk. I bet he has to lift up 50lbs of fat just to take a piss.


Well fuck, think of how big his biceps have got to be!