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Dear EliteXC


Bahahahahahahahahahaha....well, it was a good run. Thanks for the free fights.

That's all I'll say.


Hopefully UFC will pick up Diaz again after they go under.


Yeah, they could use Antonio Silva too. Roy Nelson actually impressed me too, though the UFC would never allow his fatass on.


Oh and Seth Petruzelli!

Seth Petruzelli Top Ten Heavyweight!!!!!!!!!!!11one1 Fedor you're next!!!


I'll tell you what, I wasn't even going to watch this but I'm glad I caught it. Overall a pretty good card.

Radach looked really good. I had seen him fight before but nothing memorable. That guy fucking hits hard.

Carano really has solid striking. Everytime I see her I am more impressed. She's really seemed untouchable. Chris Cyborg will be a good fight.

Nelson dissappointed. I think he is better than what he showed. he seemed to run out of gas which is not like him. Would have been nice if they both would have had a full training camp.

Kimbo got knocked the fuck out by a jab. I know exactly what's going to happen now. People are going to freak out about the strike to the back of the head. This was really strange as the ref half jumped in. This was stupid in my opinion. If he is going to go in he needs to stop it. Seth would have beat him anyway and now we are going to have to put up with manufactured controversy from EliteXC.


In a 15 second period, I watched Malcom Jenkins get the go ahead interception for the Buckeyes, and flipped the channel to see a purple haired LHW TKO Kimbo with an arm jab thrown while standing on one foot and falling backwards. Too good.


They can do whatever they want as long as we get to see Cyborg Santos try to smash Carano's face in before they go under.


Hey now...no spoilers yo!


Cyborg's ugly mug will make her beautiful mug an ugly mug.

What the fuck is the deal with that stand up. I think that is arguably one of the worst I've seen. Roy was working submissions and had him in side mount. Just the fact that they were in side mount should have been an almost mandatory No Stand. Ghey.

You're wrong Seth just has MAD POWER!!!!!! George Foreman on his best day couldn't compete with with the Seth-jab.


LMFAO @ Kimbo. That's gotta suck.


Elite is done. Why they threw Kimbo out there against a guy like Petruzzeli on less than an hour's notice is beyond me. The mystique and drawing power of Kimbo is gone now that he was lit up on a straight right off one leg.

Apparently, Frank Shamrock offered himself up to fight Kimbo as well.

I do want to see Carano-Cyborg and man, Arlovski's striking is real crisp.


Why is it funny to see an organization that gave more fighters an chance to fight fail?

Oh, because it's "cool" to be a UFC fan boi.

Whatever, losers.


the cards were ok...but what ruined it for me was the cheesy ass anouncers.....anybody else notice this?...they were so dramatic with everything they said..it was like listening to bad actors.....and when kimbo got koed the one guy starting screaming calling it the biggest upset in mma history...how fucking corny....besides that though it wasnt to bad in my opinion.


Ignorant fool. Have you paid attention to other orgs? The way Elitexc presents its shows is not respectable. I am a die hard Pride fan, and if they didn't make it, Elitexc will not. Pride had excellent production/commentating that can be seen in its sucessor Dream. Affliction, though just having had one show to date, put up a hell of an effort. I am for competition to the UFC as they do some fucked up stuff from time to time as well but Elites pushing of Kimbo as a top fighter is pathetic. Instigating an in cage rumble post bitch-ass-noons victory was a very pro wrestling move. Having a former decent commentator like Mauro Renallo turn into a pathetic hype machine spewing the most ignorant shit Ive heard in a fight is not quality presentation.

As lame as it was, putting their marquee guy in against a new opponent an hour before the fight was not a respectable business move. It may be nice to try to please the fans and not bomb out completely on prime time tv, but it left this very opening for the downfall of their entire (already deep in the red) business to fail. This thread is not UFC nut huggery. Its a product of elites poor business decisions. Or are you just butt hurt because you were a kimbo fan who thought he could knock out fedor?


Look at the way Elite runs its company and you'll understand why people feel this way. It has nothing to do with anyone being "UFC fan boys."


I wouldn't even bother responding to CLaw....he thrives on being a sour puss from time to time..maybe 98% of the time.

I bet he said the same shit when the XFL fell through. "HE HATE ME!!"


Check out Scala, Shaw's bungling inept son, flipping the hell out.


The best part is that if you watch the fight from another angle you can clearly see that non of Seth's follow-up strikes even made contact. They all essentially brushed by Kimbo's head.


He was still dazed by the Hello Kitty Special. Nothing against Seth..just the fact that it was such a love tap that "rocked" Kimbo.



Sorry,but that shit almost cost me my life: I had to apply Heimlich maneuver to myself after he said that crap.