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Dear Chris (Shugart)


I started the V-diet recently.

I bicycle to and from work and then again in the evenings to run some errands. The night time bicycle ride is about 15 miles and by the time I arrive at my destination, I am about to pass out. Could you reccomend some additional nutritional support that would still be within the bounds of the velocity diet. I had the idea of taking 1 or 1/2 serving of Surge after every such strenous bicycle ride (counting it as a high-endurance workout) but I first wanted your opinion.

Thank you,


Drive to your errands?...


First, and I'm sure you know this, cut any additional cardio/ESW. I know I wrote about long walks, Xvest walks etc, but obviously you don't need that with your two-wheeling ways.

If the rides are strenuous and there's no way to avoid them, then time a regular V-Diet Low-Carb Grow! shake for after. I don't think I'd add extra Surge. Save that for the iron. However, if you really do need some nutritional support, have one scoop of Surge after the rides.