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Dear Atheists/Non-Believers

Do you hope you’re wrong?

I would think not…


About what, specifically?

Atheism, no God.

I take it you’re referring to YOUR God, right?


Oh no two religious type threads going at once…I’ll be back in a few days…


Burnnnnn :fire::fire:


I hope not. If I’m wrong, an omnipotent being exists that is responsible for creating every natural disaster & disease known to mankind throughout its history, and this being is being worshiped. This being has the ability to create a perfect world free from pain, suffering, misery, etcetcetc, and chooses not to.

I have very little interest in joining the incoming debtate, just my 2 cents before the chaos ensues.


I’m referring to most types of God beliefs.

Egyptian (Ancient)
Greek (Ancient)
Roman (Ancient)
Norse (Ancient)

Not specifically my God, just in general those who don’t believe.

You forgot an ancient one: Zoroastrianism

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I see. So why did you address this specifically to atheists? Do you believe in all of the Gods?

What about you, do you hope you’re wrong?

Well, where should we start?

If you’re talking about the Raelians, I suppose I’d answer yes. I can’t bring myself to believe what they do, but I have to admit that a cult of UFO-worshiping sex fiends has a certain level of appeal to me.

If you’re talking about some forms of paganism, yeah I’d kind of like to be wrong about Thor and Odin too. It would be pretty cool if those guys were calling the shots. I guess. Maybe. I haven’t given it much thought really. I’ll put some metal on and think it over on the ride home.

I just listened to a show about David Bowie and all of his occult beliefs. Again, it would be pretty cool if all of that stuff were really true. Also terrifying, but contemplating that in full would be a pretty big chore. I just don’t have access to the cocaine supply Bowie did back in the 70’s.

Well you posted a long list I’m going to have to continue this later.

Again, I don’t really see why this needs to be limited to atheists. We can all ponder the consequences of getting our beliefs, or lack thereof, so terribly wrong.


If you don’t believe in an eternity of consciousness (except Buddhism, I suppose) what prevents you from literally taking all you can in the short time you have on earth?

Why do you hold yourself in check?
What supplies your morals?

Isn’t that what we, as human beings, do? We take all we can…we had to make laws to avoid this “…pursuit of life liberty and happiness” and then followed that up with we can only do it so long as it doesn’t infringe on another’s rights (because we can’t stop ourselves). From these laws came the morals, a social construct saying that this is good, or this is bad, for these reasons, so family units began teaching their offspring to avoid prison/beatdowns/being killed by teaching these “morals”. I don’t believe all people are intrinsically good by any stretch of the imagination, having studied the field and worked in it, seeing some of the atrocities done to children by fully functioning (I use this term to rule out true “get out of jail free” mental illness) adults, the glasses I see the world through are not rosy.

I realize that may sound…odd, it sounds a bit odd to me, and I believe myself to be a good person with a strong moral compass (put in place by society and my family unit) but I also feel that if people need a “higher power” and the threat of eternal damnation to be decent human beings…well…I guess I have a problem with that.

I don’t want to hurt other people. If my godless urges to rape and plunder really got the best of me you could always call the cops. They routinely prevent people from taking all they can in the short time they have on earth.

I’m a big fan of consensual interactions with other people.

Empathy and satisfaction gained from helping other people. I also think it is fair to say I’ve had the advantage of being raised in a conservative Catholic family on a nice, safe patch of dirt in rural Indiana.

This. I don’t think we NEED religion to keep people in check, although it has probably been useful for that over the years. That’s why my deacon didn’t call SWAT when I stopped going to mass. Of course, if you live in certain parts of the world, apostasy is still considered the gravest of actions, punishable by death.

I’m glad I don’t live there.


I’m asking whether or not people want to be wrong about Atheism, specifically that one of those Gods exist in some capacity.

Doesn’t fit the criteria on the question I’m talking about. [quote=“twojarslave, post:12, topic:229242”]
I don’t really see why this needs to be limited to atheists.

It’s specifically for Atheists and whether or not they want there to be a God.

I’ll allow you to ponder over your thoughts.
Anyone else feel free to say if they hope there is a God.

The forum god is a generous god.


I really think you meant YOUR God, which USMCC succinctly pointed out the rather obvious answer to that question. IF he exists and IF one of the Christian sects is correct in knowing His intentions for people like me, well, eternal suffering doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.

I still think it is silly to direct this to atheists. The list of gods neither of us believe in is quite long and nearly identical, after all. Do you hope any of those gods you don’t believe in exist?

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An atheist doesn’t just not believe in a Christian God, so what he’s asking is why is it directed at people that you assume only don’t believe in a single god? As he asked, do you hope that the gods other cultures believe in are real? Or just the god you have chosen to worship

I mean people who don’t follow the teachings of the list of religions I posted earlier. Not sure how many people are familiar with other religious doctrines and ideas so that’s why I addressed the question to Atheists in general. I’ll rephrase, those who don’t subscribe to any of the belief systems I mentioned earlier. [quote=“twojarslave, post:18, topic:229242”]
Do you hope any of those gods you don’t believe in exist?

Of course![quote=“usmccds423, post:17, topic:229242”]
The forum god is a generous god.

Still waiting for someone to pick up the actual question. (Spoiler: Someones brushed it)

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