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Dean Fires Back!


I almost fell off my chair with laughter at Deans comeback.

Vice President Cheney remarked: "I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does."

Deans comeback: "he doesn't care if Dick Cheney likes my mother or not."

Wow, Cheney never stated that he didn't like Deans mother. That made no sense. Read it for yourself:


I honestly hope the democrats get Dean out of that position....at least by 2009.


You really take this shit too seriously...


No actually I don't that's why "I almost fell off my chair with laughter."

Reading comprehension skills my man!


Zeb, actually you do... if you follow the leader of the party you don't ascribe to and get worked up enough about him to laugh at it and then post about it to us in an attempt to discredit the man.

My reading skills are not at issue...


Well, I have a theory, compounded by the other thread: considering there are scientific studies that show a strong correlation between closeted homosexual tendencies and homophobia, it might as well be that Zeb is actually a closeted Gay Democrat... The accompanying denial and feelings of inadequacy would explain everything, including his fascination for Howard Dean!


I vote we get the man Kerry back in...he can fight for all our rights...and tell the world "F-You"......right?

Bring in the Dean...that's great stuff. I just hope we can come up with a good Rep. this round, with all the hate brewing from the bleeders.


I agree vroom your reading comp skills are good. It's your attitude that sucks.

Let's keep this up, if nothing else it might entertain some.



Once again the left shows it's open mindedness!

As long as you agree with the lefts agenda you are a bright individual. Disagree with any of it's politically correct spoon fed lines and they name call.

You are indeed very representational of the leaders of your party. Name calling and out of touch with America!

Think about it the next time the democrats drop a big election. Wait, never mind...reality bites. Continue to live in your tiny politically correct world.


Uh,oh, Zeb's gonna be pissed with that assessment! Get ready for a scathing counter attack.


Hey hspdr,

I love dean. I wish him another fifteen years of chairmanship.

I guess that pretty much confirms your theory.



Woohoo, Jerffy is here! Now the voices of reason are all assembled in one place...