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Dealing with Your Temper


My entire life, I've had an extremely short fuse. Growing up I got into many street fights, boxed and kickboxed. I don't know if my recent surge of anger is from over training or simply because I haven't been fighting anymore or just from stress but for the past many weeks, I want to fight everyone for very ridiculous reasons.

I met with a group last night and two guys who were supposed to be our designated cartographers made ONE MAP having had 3 weeks. Before the work started they were instructed to design multiple maps and that they were to be professional. Their map looked like something I could have done in the 5th grade and I completely lost it.

I'm pretty sure that my eyes turned red and fire came out of my nose. I tore into both of them and when one of them gave me attitude back, I got in his face started screaming, dropping the F bomb and came close to ripping his head off.

Other incidences of over reacting I've been geting alot lately is when someone smaller refuses to get out of my way when walking on a direct collision course so to speak. I know that I should respect those smaller and weaker than myself but I feel like there should be some respect when something could knock you on your ass is coming at you.

My question to all of you who I'm sure are aggressive as well is this. How do you all deal with your pent up aggression? Usually my response is to vent through my training but since I'm already feeling overtrained, I'm not sure that's an option right now. Any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks guys.






What were you doing that you needed to designate 2 cartographers? Some sort of Dungeons and Dragons is my guess.


Realizin' that I suck and most people can kick my ass also helps calm me down.


Seriously, I used to have a really short fuse too. I've kind of grown out of it I guess, either that or my coping mechanisms are amazing. And fuckin' is one of em. Training is another one. I recently found that I like to find a quiet place where I can be alone and I talk out with myself (rant about) what's bothering me, even the little shit.

I play drums too and am trying to teach myself piano. I just redirect all that pent up frustration and anger, the negative energy that's harboring up inside of me, and direct it towards something positive.

I also rip stop signs out of the ground.

Fire hydrants too.


i have a long fuse (pun intended) but a pretty large bomb attached. When I get that pissed that I actually react, there is no stopping me.

More working out = higher test typically

Find a way to vent that shit, hang a heavy bag and get laid more?

Good luck dude!


Think about jail. You start enough shit, you eventually end up in jail. By starting shit I mean putting you're hands on someone first.

If the lifting works as a release that's great. If you think you might need something a little more cathartic, buy a heavy bag.


Most people grow up and stop acting like selfish, self-important, too-much-self-esteem pricks like yourself naturally. You obviously have bad parents or they also would have properly prepared you and matured you to deal with the real world. I think the best thing you can do is keep blowing up like that - but do it in the face of a cop or someone that will beat the piss out of you. Then perhaps the humbleness will set in.


Da Vinci, just get on the internet. That way when somebody calls you all kinds of names, and tells you your parents are horrible you can't do shit ha ha ha.


How can you possibly make that assessment with such confidence? Personally I think you're a prick for saying that he "obviously has bad parents." What are you a fucking Ph.D in psychology or something? I think you should take that assessment and shove it up your ass.

It seems you haven't grown out of your "prick" phase yet. Jackass.


Remember , alot of people carry guns


Just take a second or two to think about consequences my friend. That helps me in (most) cases of anger.



I grew up and started acting like a man, not a childish little dick.

No offense.


Quote"I play drums too and am trying to teach myself piano. I just redirect all that pent up frustration and anger, the negative energy that's harboring up inside of me, and direct it towards something positive."

I also play drums(badly)and it works everytime for me as well.Guitar makes it worse.lol.Someone had a thread,not sure where but they video taped their buddy all fucked up and getting out of hand.Showed it to him the next day and it woke him up.Life has a way of bringing ya down to size.Hopefully in your case it won't be a tragedy that does it.Like the other guy said about guns.Life's to short and your dead so long.


I'm in Canada... here we just chuck hockey pucks at each other... :wink:

Seriously though... Anger isn't a true emotion, and is a cover up for how you really feel... in my case it was sadness. People tend to 'lose it' when they aren't able to properly express how they feel.

I had a HORRENDOUS temper growing up... REALLY bad... and through counseling, and anger management programs, I've over come it. I still get angry... I AM human, but not nearly as quickly, or for as long as before... see my issue was with letting it go... once I'm riled up... I'm riled up, and I can't seem to let it go... regardless of why.

I have a scar on my left thumb from punching through a plate glass window, because a traffic light wouldn't change on time... that's not normal... and I knew I needed help.

Try and recognize when you DO get heated... leave the room, or leave the area, and do NOT let people follow, touch, or try to concole you... for me, that made it 10x worse... then just try and calm down... breathe, close your eyes, cry if you have to... but do NOT react... THAT is when you wind up hitting things, or someone, and eat shit for it later... :S


Don't you FUCKIN realize that after you use a period you're supposed to use 2 SPACES afterwards? What are you FUCKING STUPID or SOMETHING? Huh?!?! You wanna fight about it? You little prick?!?! Huh??


I used to play drums and that did help when I was younger. Unfortunately that came with playing clubs and drinking, which didn't help. But I digress...
For me, it was when I started believing in Karma that I made a change. I started treating people better, being calmer, and overall in a much better frame of mind. Karma helped me alot in most areas of life.


I see what you did there...


I just called my Dad and he's gonna comeover and beat up your Dad.