Dealing with Water Retention on 500mg Test per Week?

Hi all I am on test 250 mg pinning e3d.
Right now my body is holding water what they call water retention. How can I get rid of this? Can anyone advice me please what to so?

Lower your sodium intake. Drink more water. Take some potassium.

Unfortunately that’s common with higher doses of testosterone.

Some people have success supplementing dandelion or dandelion tea…didn’t do much for me.

Does this include processed salt foods? Or does it include healthy salts such as sea salt / pink himalayan salt, or both?

Were can I get the potassium?

What I also like to know is when on testosterone 500mg a week. What are the best supps to implement in your cycle to help lower the sides and get most of your cycle… and also what are the best supps to use besides your diet to get all the needed nutrition your muscles needs…

Cause there’s alot on the market these days and and alot of brands promoting that the are the best. And all of them have their own blogs and talk about how good they are.

You know what the crazy part is…? There is so much on the market right now. There are so many experience people on the internet writing about what is the best supplementation to use to lower sides of steriod use. And alot of different brands of supps to help getting the most nutrition along side your healthy daily diet for muslce grown.

I read alot before I come to this point to start pinning my self. What I really want to know is what are the best supps or the most used supps by experience bodybuilders who used steriods, which I can use for lower the sides or at least helping my body to adapt to the steriod in a save manner and also controle my hormones. And besides my diet what kind of supps can I buy to get nutrition for my muscle to grow…

No need for supplements. A good diet will give you all the possible results you should ever desire! I don’t need to mention what controls the side effects of the testosterone you’re taking because you’ve read a lot and it would be silly to not know and start injecting so need to waste the time typing that out. Diet sleep training

Healthy salts are like healthy fats they don’t really exsist. There is salts that are better for you then others but none of it is neccarily healthy. And yes sodium is sodium wether it’s table salt or unicorn colored salt mined from the island of Fiji its going to have similar effects.

The grocery store. Altho potassium supplements by law are very low dosage your better off eating some bananas or potatoes.

Supplements should be based on your diet and what you actually need. Ideally we should all be eating like a nutritionist but thats not the reality. Studies have shown most male adults are deficient in vitamin d3 that’s a good place to start. I take a men’s multi vitamin because I hate vegetables. I use tudca and nac for liver supplements and I take a few others. Altho none of these might be necessary for you.

Can I also use Aromasin for lower the waterretention?

there are a ton of other forums where it’s members would crucify you for not taking an A.I immediately upon water retention.

I’m really torn between what mind set is correct.

Then what can I do against mine water retention?

You’ve been told what to try. If water retention is your only side effect, it’s not worth messing with your hormones by adding new drugs to your system. Take the advice you’ve been given and see how it works. Stop looking for a pill to solve all your problems, chances are it’s your diet and or a relatively normal amount of water for your weekly dosage. If you had other sides maybe it’s worth looking at other solutions, but your diet and water intake are an easy place to start.

diet above all else at first.

like others have said if more side effects happen, or if you get bloods and your estrogen is some insane number then look into an AI.

If your so bloated that your diet alone cant fix water retention to a manageable state your either too fat to be using steroids or using too much steroids for your body composition.

The only time using an AI for the sole purpose of water retention that’s acceptable IMO is pre contest.

Only my right ankle is swollen and my face a little bit… my weight is 89 kilo and 1.87 in length