Dealing with Two Weeks Off

Not sure if this was the right place to ask but its quite broad question

Basically I want to start the anabolic diet next week I want to run the 4 week intro phase before adding calories to build some size. I know it may not be the best choice but I want to experiment with it for a while.

However, I’ve decided to get laser corrective surgery for my eyes which will happen a week or so after the end of the 4 weeks. Im pretty much not allowed to lift heavy for a couple of weeks nor really allowed to sweat cause I have to keep my eyes dry and clean and avoid any excess pressure on them. Im not willing to risk my vision by being stupid in this time.

But I do want to use this time productively and focus on mobility, flexibility and correctional exercises.

So I have three questions

Should I bother starting the anabolic diet if Im looking at two weeks off? Shall I just keep with my low(ish carb) higher fat diet? or shall I tweek the AD with lower cals?

Secondly can any recommend a general two week mobility/flexibility program that I can spend my time doing?

Finally has anyone had laser correction done? what where the results like?

Any help would be much appreciated