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Dealing with Taking Time Off

Pulled a neck muscle… Went to have a chest/arm workout on Saturday, just made it worse. Now trying to take time off until Friday, it’s killing me. I know I can front squat pretty safely, but deadlifts, and, well, just about anything is out of the question. Should I workout today and risk making it worse, or persevere and take two more days off? What are some good ways to deal with taking time off, mentally?

I keep fearing for my hard-earned muscle mass, and I hate the feeling I get after not going to the gym for a few days :(. Any motivating thoughts?

a couple days off will not hurt, it would probably be beneficial.

I’ve learned that persevering with injuries either tends to make them worse, or they just never go away.

To be honest I need rest often but can’t take it if a female is not around. If you have enough money women are the easiest way to take time off, when your not having sex they can think of a million ways to waste your money and time, and after a few days they can aggravate you so when you go to the gym you have more aggression.

It’s silly to worry about losing muscle mass, with only a few days off from the gym. You didn’t put it on that easily, and you’re not going to lose it that easily.

That said, I’ve found you need to gauge the seriousness of the injury. If it is minor, working through it with lighter weights can actually accelerate recovery. If major, rest is what the doctor ordered.

find something else to occupy your time/take your mind off of training untill you feel better

i just fucked my back last night(seems to happen pretty often) and i think it will probably be at least two weeks till im back to normal.

unless you have to take 3 or more weeks off you shouldnt lose much if any muscle/strength

I recently tweaked/pulled my hammie a bit. Here’s how you should look at it:

Would you rather be out a few weeks, or out for a few MONTHS because you decided to push it too hard?

Give it time, and don’t be too anxious to jump back in.

Take the time off. You grow when you rest remember? Listen to the bod for once instead of sacrificing it. You’ll regret if you don’t.