Dealing with Sprained Left Foot

I went and had blood work and an x-ray completed on Friday of last week, and my doctor determined that I sprained my left foot, likely while hiking. I think I probably aggravated it by doing leg work last week instead of letting it heal. I’ve also had another gout attack, but that heals in 2-3 days and is being treated with a med to counter uric acid buildup.

I was in the middle of the de-load cycle III of the basic 5/3/1 triumvirate template, which I started in late May and have followed since.

What is the best way to deal with this? I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow, but needless to say any sustained activity involving the feet, even long-term walking, eventually involves significant foot pain, even with the pain killer meds in tow. However, there’s no reason to neglect upper body work either.

I guess I’m unsure as to how to progress with 5/3/1 given that deadlift and squat days (with assistance work) are out, as is most conditioning work, at least for a few weeks or until cleared to do so. I could continue with the upper body cycles, or even just focus on some sort of 3 day/week upper body split work. Any suggestions here? I don’t expect to be out of the leg game very long, since it’s a sprain and not a fracture.

Just my opinion as a frequently injured person

Conditioning - rowing machine, Airdyne, cycling (Jim mentions an Airdyne with a weighted vest somewhere)

Lower body training - one legged variations - lunge or split squat if you can manage, leg press (single leg), single leg deadlift - prepare to have your ego swallowed if you never do single leg exercises

Best of luck

Do you usually continue on with the other cycles of the program unaffected by the injury, e.g., in my case, the OHP and bench press lifts and then substitute single limb isolation work for other areas?

Yup, although I haven’t done 531 in particular for very long, but I always continue my training in the other areas and just take the stricken bodypart off-cycle, and get it sync’d back with the rest of my body over time.

Just don’t do any lift/movement that aggravates it. We’ve all sprained ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders a million times - just train through it.

“Train what is trainable.”