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Dealing with Shoulder Injury


So I twisted my shoulder snowboarding about half a year ago now. It was diagonal, twisting my arm radially inward, and the humerous up toward my ear then round to behind my back. The Doctor says nothing is wrong with it according to his charts and his x-rays, but a severe loss of mobility tells me otherwise.
At first I lacked the ligament strength to laterally raise my shoulder, and also any kind of press somewhat pained a nerve. I could do pulling movements easily enough.

Now that most of the nerve damage is healed I can see what mobility I have left in my shouler.
In my overhead movements like when I jerk, or try to jerk-squat, this same shoulder refuses to align my arm directly over my scapula, some kind of 'something' is blocking the joint from letting my humerous go behind my ear.
If I push it too hard trying to bend the joint back it simply hurts, so I need to get rid of this 'something' that is blocking the joint. Scar tissue on the ligament? A 'trigger point'? over-ossification/calcification?

Does anyone have any advice on what specific specialist I should see about this? There are so many specialists out there claiming they can do what they cannot, I dont want to go around skipping from one to the other to find in 6 months this has not improved.

If I stretch, I just seem to weaken my shoulder joint, in the same way you weaken a muscle when you bruise it. Do you think I should keep trying to push my joint into the range of motion my other shouler has, or will that simply inflame it and maybe cause even less ROM in the jonit?



I had sort of the same problem, I went to my Orthopedic surgeon. Turns out I had torn my labrum up a little bit and needed surgery on it.
In conclusion, I say go to an orthopod they know whats up


Indeed. Tore my labrum to, i would go check out an orthopedic


First thing is to stop doing anything that hurts it. Stop the stretches and stop the Clean & Jerks.

Second thing is to see a shoulder specialists and get an MRI. An X-Ray won't show jack.