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Dealing with Self-Centered Meatheads


well, today was the chest/biceps day. I exercised a bit of time until I had to use the flat bench to do Dumbbell Pullovers. I was surprised to see 3 meatheads that were using the bench in turns to do every possible exercise in the world. I had the decency to wait for 5 then 10 minutes until they get off the bench and they clearly saw that I was waiting for my turn.

I told myself that it's of no use to wait any longer and I asked them If I could use it for a set, one of them told me that they're finishing, I waited again for them to finish, then I asked them again, 2 of them didn't mind and the third one told me to go for it, however what I noticed in their eyes was total hate and disgust, How dare I use their mighty bench!! :slightly_smiling:

oh and they were also putting their towels on the bench between sets, so no one but them can use it


This honestly seems pretty passive aggressive. Rather than talk with these guys, you came online to bitch about them.

In the future, don't wait. Ask to work in right away. It's a regular part of gym culture. Before you decide these guys are "self-centered meatheads", talk with them.

I have never had any issues training in a commercial gym when it comes to sharing equipment.



What about their actions indicate that they are "self-centered"? I don't see it.


I agree it's just the way commercial gyms are and sometimes making it known that you are waiting for someone else to get off some equipment is kind of rude I mean 5-10 min isn't a long time to use it. T3hPwnisher your def one of my favorite posters on this site.


Well, with three guys there is not much to work in between anyway, so do something else, but if its only two ask if you could work one in and you might have just unlocked two Gym bro achievements.


Gotta remember that perception is a huge thing. I know that there are certain machines and exercises that I prefer to do a good number of sets with. Taking into account rest periods, sometimes a buddy working in with me and I might be on there for a while. In a crowded gym, I'm certainly not spending my time concerned with anyone else around me, if they're staring and waiting on me, or if they're just in the vicinity doing their own thing. The point is that you probably could have worked in at any time. Even the most serious dudes in my gym are usually very accommodating of others.

Without being there and witnessing your exact situation, the only reason I know I might eyeball someone even after I was done, was if he had sat himself a few feet away from me, obviously eyeballing me while I trained in hopes of each set being my last. I'll let anyone train with me, but I'll be done when I'm done, not before simply because you can't do a different exercise first out of simply efficiency.



Thanks man. I wish I picked a less stupid name sometimes, but at least now it can be ironic, haha.


I'm a little stunned by the term "meatheads." I mean, isn't that an accusation we who post here consider knee-jerk and unfair?

Personally, no one ever calls me a meathead -- other women just assume I eat salads all the time or put my fork down between bites of cheesecake, or whatever, but this is the dinner I am eating right now, and when I started the steak was more than twice the size it is now.

And so what?


Most meatheads have "asshole-resting-face". I mean, it's not like they mean to stare into your soul with hatred. I've never had an issue with meatheads - they always move if I ask or let me work in. Its the creepy old men that hang out on one bench for about an hour without doing much of anything.

The other solution is to make yourself a nuisance in their space and fart. They'll move.


Wow, my dinner looks kind of gross. I can assure that it is not. I wish I had more of it!


Just speak up from the beginning, man.


you won't get the time to join them, if one dude gets up and then the other lies down and then another one lies down after him. I can't just tell them to get off the bench


Yeah me to I really put no thought process in when I picked it.




You are cute. bout time you changed your avi to a pic of you :wink:

your dinner looks yum, well except for the cauliflower those always make me gag a little. But I'd eat it. Just for you.


I didn't want to disturb them, I waited and it was a mistake. they were literally doing every exercise possible with a bench.


one thing that I forgot to mention was that the one guy who reluctantly let me use the bench was pissed off. I was like wow, what's your problem, I already waited and waited for your endless exercises to come to an end.


You don't tell them to get off, you ask to work in.

It's sharing man. You're not saying "This is mine now, no one else can use it until I'm done", you're asking "Can I use that piece of equipment to?"

You gotta keep in mind, you all paid to use the same equipment. You're all equally entitled to it. That means that, when multiple people want to use it, you just gotta share it.

I've worked in with groups before with no issue, and let groups work in with me as well. It used to just be a thing you did when you went to a gym. As our culture has grown increasingly passive aggressive while our interpersonal skills have rapidly diminished, the notion has essentially vanished.


So what? lol Let him be pissed.


I work out at a gym with relatively limited equipment, sometimes i need a piece of equipment for 2 or 3 different exercises in a row. As long as im not leaving my towel on it so no one else can use it while i walk away for 20 minutes, i dont see what the problem is. You cant fault the guys if they were actually working the whole time.

Besides, it could have been 3 guys working out together taking up 3 different benches, instead of just using the one.