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Dealing with PWO Jitteriness, Fatigue


Hey guys,

For about 1-2 days after the day of my workout... I'm not exactly the most social guy around and got not as much of a drive. But passing on after these 1-2 days depending on how HARD I was working out... I work the crowds like cake.

I know for a fact that testosterone drops rock bottom for about 2-3 days after workout then peaks up from there.

I've used the BCAA supp from this site and have found them to help me out GREATLY to speed up with fatigue and jitteriness.

Note that I take 3-6 grams of fish oils / day and eat like a horse.

Is there anything else you guys take or eat that helps with your post workout?



I usually go on a walk and then sit and relax and reflect on the work out and other goals or priorities. The biggest thing I would say is just calming down after the work out. I don't know if this will help you or not, but it seems to work for me.


... BUMP ...