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Dealing With Parents


Does anybody else here who still lives with thier parents have problems with them regarding your food intake. I guess my parents are very "old school" in there train of thought and they don't understand why I need to eat so much. I have tried to explain it to them but they just keep ranting on about how I don't need that much food and it's unhealthy to eat past the point of being full. My father looks at me in disgust when he sees me eat 6 eggs and 4 peices of toast for breakfast. Another thing that pisses me off is how my Dad sterotypes anybody who lifts weights as "muscleheads" and a bunch of big oafs.

How can I explain it to them and how did/do you deal with it?

-thanks for letting me rant!


Move out.


Just be a good kid and let them see the positive results of working out. Trying to force them to see the positive may just be futile.


my dad is convinced that everything that comes in a tub or bar is steroids.

I think it's good for a laugh.

just tell your parents to chill, it's not like your doing lines of coke for breakfast.


moving out is definately the only real option if they're that freaked out about it, when you're making your own meals anf fully accountible for yourself things change.

In my first semester and a half at college I've put on 15 lbs and gone up about 1.5% in BF.

My parents were always supportive, but until things are all on you it'll be difficult.

Getting a job to pay for your own protein powder/supps helps too. If you're self sufficient except for food it goes a long way for them accepting it.


haha what a funny ass thread. my dad is a doctor so he understands what I'm doing and why I'm eating all this food and protein and all. my mom on the other hand, definitely asks me why I'm eating an hour before dinner and I always just say, do no worry I will DEFINITELY be hungry by then as well. she just doesn't get how I can eat so much and not gain fat. I guess it's hard for us to be human "garbage disposals" with the parents. heh. but, I just ignore my mom and keep eating.


Have you tried down-playing it? Like "but I'm HUNGRY...plus I'm trying to eat healthier and not so much cereal and stuff" (because you probably are).

It's all in the delivery... :wink:


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Damn sux for you. My parents were supportive as hell and my mom used to buy me all the food on my list every week. Like they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks so stop trying to convince them and bide your time.


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I am in between houses at the moment and spending a month living with my parents again.

I am now starting to eat for size, still only 4,000 kcal a day but increasing each week, and my parents dont understand how I can eat so much. They dont understand why I think I need to eat more.

The difference I guess is that I am a big boy now and I pay for all my own food so they cant complain about it. They just dont understand.


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The only complaint I could see them haveing is cost. Eggs, milk, chicken, turkey and all the nice meats tend to get pretty expensive. If money isn't an issue I would see no reason why they should be upset. With the epidemic of obesity, who wouldnt want their child to be active?

If they somehow think eating a lot of protein and fats are unhealthy, you should challenge them to get some blood work done and show them the results of eating junk processed sugar filled food vs. the good stuff.


I dont see what the big deal is if all they do is heckle you about it. Making you pay for food, on the other hand, I could see as being a problem.

I went to costco with my mom the other day and bought over $400 bucks worth of drinks, eggs, turkey, chicken, steak and salmon. She bought some other stuff for herself too, but not a significant amount.

My mom questions my eating habits, but she puts up with it anyway.


I'am paying for my own supps and money is not an issue. I think it is because my father grew up between foster homes so he sees food as a privilege that should be valued, He seems to think that I'am "wasting" food.

I'am only 16 so moving out isn't an option just yet. But I do feel that once I do it will be much easier to stick to my goals.


So I take it that I'm a minority in that my parents got big into fitness in the early 80's and understand what PWO nutrition is all about and what eating for size means. My Dad also taught me how to train and eat accordingly, and helped pick out my first protein powders. Funny.


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