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Dealing with Missing Workouts?


I follow a typical 4 day split-

Lower body

Unfortunately, next week I won't be able to do the first 2 days. Should I include them in the subsequent workouts, or just pass them over completely for the week and return to them in the following week?


In the big picture, and the number of workouts you will be doing and have already done this year, do 2 seem that significant? Things will always come up that may interfere with your training but just keep on going.


I would include them.


I would use the 2 days left of your workout to train the body parts you feel need it the most. If your chest and your back are lagging, use one of those days for chest and one for back. But, as mentioned before, missing a workout for a week is not going to make/break your progress. It's effect is minimal in the grand scheme of things.


Good post. I agree.


Just thought I would toss this out there...

I have been having to travel a SHITLOAD lately for work, which many times puts me in a position where I don't have an awesome gym to use. Another member gave a recomendation to grab a set of bands to bring with me while I travel and I felt like I should pass this on.

If you are missing workouts because of travel, ask yourself if completly missing a workout is necessary.

Duffle bag squats, nightstand dips, and bands FTW.

I dont know your situation but thought it may help.


Why don't you just start where you were....

I don't get the problem here.