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Dealing with Missing Planned Workouts

Hey, all

I just realised… I hate missing planned workouts. I was going to go to the gym tomorrow, but can’t do so because I:

  1. Am sick as a dog
  2. Have to start packing for my move back home

I’m in a 5x5 programme that has you deload every 3-4 weeks. This is week 4, so I decided I’ll just do what I can at home for 2 workouts and make this a deload week. Still, it’s a real bitch, I had a real tough time convincing myself it’s OK. How do you guys cope?

break a pr next week

I missed monday, but now I’m going to train all 4 days this week and forget about taking wednesday off.

Its natural…

I doubt any serious trainer doesn’t go through this kind of withdrawal even when time out of the gym is the best thing for them.

Personally, I hate it too. I feel like I’m wasting away all of my improvements (whether it be putting fat back on after a fat loss phase or losing muscle and strength otherwise).

My usual solution is to try and overtrain (or more specifically “overreach”) in the week or two prior missing some workouts. For example, I’m due to take a 3 week holiday to Italy on Saturday. For the past 2 weeks I have been training twice a day, sometimes full-body workouts twice a day, in order to grind myself into the ground and let my body supercompensate while I enjoy the loads of pasta and bread I’ll undoubtedly eat in what will be a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Try to keep a balanced mindset in times like these, as hard as it can be as a bodybuilder or serious lifter of any kind…

It’s no big deal at all. The worst that will happen is that you won’t make quite as much muscle gain this week. Keeping your diet up is far more important.

This shit can get me seriously depressed at times. You just have to hit it harder when you get back.

It’s funny you bring this up because it happens to me from time to time I always just tell myself the extra recovery will do me well…doesn’t always work though;)