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Dealing with Minor Ankle Sprain

Posting here because the injury sub-forum is pretty dead most of the time.

I rolled my ankle during judo on the 14th. It didn’t seem serious at the time, since I could move it in all directions and put my full bodyweight on it with no serious pain.

But it gets quite painful when I squat/do anything that requires flexing the ankle. The pain gets better if I do a bunch of ankle stretches (specifically the series of stretches where you write out the alphabets with your big toe), but attempting to squat cold hurts.

Deadlift doesn’t hurt at all. Power-cleans seem ok too.

Point being, is it advisable to continue squatting after I do an extensive stretching of the ankle, or should I just hold off for a week or two?


Yeah jus drop it for a couple weeks -as you’re still deadlifting normally you’re going to lose zero size or general leg strength.

I would look into getting some A.R.T therapy on it if possible

Hold off. You can still deadlift, so you’re still able to get some heavy lifting in. A couple of weeks off squatting won’t hurt and it’ll make sure you recovery properly.

I figured.

Ankle hurt real bad when I attempted to do my customary squat stretch in the morning, and it made me consider that it’s not actually getting any better. Feels fine now, but it’s deceptive.

I suppose I’ll get well acquainted with the trap-bar and the kettlebells at the gym. I’ve only recently restarted deadlifting, and the mixed-grip feels incredibly awkward. I can probably move much heavier weights with the trap-bar as supposed to the straight-bar.

Thanks everyone.