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Dealing with Knee Pain for 4 Years. Nothing Helps. Advice?

So I’m still cracking on with 531 and enjoying it.

However, HUGE problem which I’ve been dealing with 4~ years or so.

Knee PAIN. Pantella pain, knee cap pain, front, sides, top and bottom. I work as a postman and flat ground is usually okay, hills & steps can be a problem. It’s touch n go and can be easy to deal with or very painful and frustrating.

Was doing my OHP today and I like to clean the weight up, getting into that deadlift position and getting ready to clean the weight up bam really bad pain right in the front of my knee cap. I’ve been jogging lightly, a couple of miles if that after work, really slow 9-11min/mile jogging to help with shifting weight.

I have flat feet and use insoles given to me by doctors which don’t change much, I have also had physio and got told I have tight quads, so I stretch those out regularly.

But nothing I seem to do is helping the issue, it’s affecting my day to day life, including being able to jog and the most annoyingly is killing my lifts, deads, squats even down to getting OHP up or hurting when using leg drive on bench.

Can anyone at all give me some sort of suggestions to help me, doctors don’t care enough to help and I can’t find answers anywhere!? I’m 25, 5’7 and weigh 74kg.

Thanks in Advanced, sorry if wrong place figured it relates to 531 and perhaps someone (I Pray) can assist me.

I have dislocated/subluxation to my knee caps since I was 14 from playing hockey. if you must run don’t jog! run! jogging is doing exactly what you said heavily shifting weight side to side, believe it or not running faster, extending your stride longer, helps. Makes you use your ass more. The pain your feeling is more than likely from fluid retention due to the stress your placing on your knees on a regular basis. Warm up a lot before completing any work and consider knee sleeves. I found knee sleeves kept my knees warm and prevented my patella from slipping but be warned if it does slip it will help keep it in the secondary position around the side of your leg (vomit in the bucket on your right). Last but not least train the area more often. Keeping your knees active will allow less time for fluid buildup meaning less pressure and less pain.

Thanks for reply Joemo. I’ve been a postman (mailman for us folks) for 7 years, I walk over 8 miles a day.

I will try the running, jogging isn’t the cause of the issue but certainly doesn’t help so will pick up the pace and see if I can run freely and use it to help shift some bf%.

I wear knee sleeves to squat with and other exercises (hack squat, leg press and such) if needed, I also do warm up a lot, I jump rope followed by tons of dynamic stretching, jumps etc.

Any specific, stretches, exercises I can do? I had a physio tell me to do wall slides, back and ass against the wall, feet close together and close to the wall and come down slowly and back up, said it will hurt more before it gets better. Been doing those regularly and they hurt, but don’t seem to be helping!

Listen I’m not a Dr but I did stay at a holiday in express last night. Physio had me doing leg extensions with rubber bands thinking I had a torn acl until I seen a sports Dr who straightened everything out. You probably have no cartlidge left in your knees and replacement surgery may be on the horizon depending on how old you are. I can give you advice based of my experiences and generally more work and less body weight made me feel better. I warm up with the movement of the day and 1 or 2 stretches depending on what’s tight. Anyone here including me can give you their “expert” opinion but you will more then likely find your own way. no one knows you and what you’re feeling better than you. All I look for from drs is can I train or not or will it ever heal even if I rest it.

Yeah annoying the doctors can’t even give me an answer. I said about having no cartilage and apparently it’s not possible at my age. (25).

I’m 29 had an mri, I’ve dislocated my knee cap so many times the bone holding it in place is smoothed out. A lot of Dr’s are desensitized by countless people walking through the door because their feelings are hurt. You gotta keep pushing them. Say it’s effecting your quality of life and you’re thinking of turning to hard drugs and alcohol lol. Don’t actually do that but it was funny in my head.

wow only 29, have you had a bad accident before?

Personally I would say give up all cardio especially any kind of running until you get this handled. Just walking 8 miles a day is _a lo_t

Various things to try:
Stretch hamstrings and glutes hard immediately post workout.

Get some ART therapy and/or Graston on IT band and all over leg in general, calves even.

Try minimalist shoes like vivo barefoot or merrels

Just go for minimum reps on squats and deads and really focus on squeezing the glutes.

Try these especially the voodoo bands…

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I had a great coach when I was 14 who had us skate down the ice as fast as we could then drop down to each knee as many times as possible between blue lines. The toe of my blade caught and I ripped my knee apart. It has slipped like a bad shoulder ever since.

IV been dealing with knee pain for about 2 years now it was starting to really affect my lifting I went to the doctor which was useless and physiotherapist which helped a bit. After I started watching a YouTube channel called smashwerx I starting his mobility drills and my knee is 70% better buy your self a set of voodoo bands (aka floss bands) there awesome!! Good luck

hello, my son is a postman too (just started a few weeks ago) and he is starting already to have knee problem, after his full day he can hardly walk anymore. Any tips… He went to the Dr. had x-ray we await the results, however Dr. said maybe this job is not for him… but he likes it other than the real bad pain in his knee…