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Dealing with Injuries

well fuck, for the last 5 months ive had this bullshit spinal erector injury, happened due to deadlifting with a shitty warmup, shitty mobility, too much weight, and probably a rounded lumbar spine.

but the problem is after i hurt it i got back into things pretty quickly and was still able to train around it somewhat. Every couple weeks id have a good bout of training but then my back would fuck up then i would need take more time off. Repeat this cycle a couple of times and you have where im at right now. Yet now it seems much worse

Every day at work it bothers me. It really sucks going into work knowing that sometime during my shift im going to be in pain for usually up to two hours. Just recently ive been getting ART done on it and so far it has seemed to do very little…

Anyways i wanted to dedicate this thread to the pscycological area of injuries. What have your experiences been?How did you deal with being injured?

i know you guys all love training as much as i do, and quite frankly it blows when you can’t train because of a bullshit injury. To be honest, always been such an optimistic and happy guy and now because of this im almost borderline-depressed, I know it will go away eventually but at 18 years old you SHOULD not be injured like this.

oh and to make things even better a couple weeks ago i fucked up my shoulder really badly Benching or Dipping.,.one of the two i don’t know Which.This means most every upper body movement is out


Post your expeiences