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Dealing with Idiot Doctor


355 according to her is fine also 10.5 free is amazing. And they do care how much ibuprofen I do. I am 25 not 40


That is not enough info to work with.

Please post labs with ranges. Not just T.

Read these stickies:
- advice for new guys <- not first paragraph
- things that damage your hormones

How much ibuprofen do you take and for what reasons?
Other health issues?


According to the accepted practice in the Medical Fraternity anything over 290 is A-O.K.

The issues that come from less than 4-500 though are phenomenal.

My advice is find a new Doctor.

Oh and Ibuprofen fries kidneys in large quantities. Its a shit drug best left alone!


This thread is from almost a year ago. OP dropped a post and never seen again.