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Dealing With Hemorrhoids

Anyone else have to deal with these bastards? Doing the sitz bath and Prep H and all that happy stuff. Unfortunately, stopping the lifting seems to provide some relief. I think. I hate to miss a workout but the pain in my butt just makes it so I’d rather have man boobs.

I haven’t worked out in 5 days and my butt is feeling a bit better. I’ve worked out consistently for the past 7 months, 6 days a week doing lifting 3-4 days a week and cardio 2-3 days a week. Made good progress and hate to stop now. Anyone with any insight, I’d love to hear.

sorry to hear about your discomphort. I have had the same experience and I bought this stuff online. they say that prep-h actually makes things worse in the long run. try this stuff and you won’t be dissapointed.


As a friend once told me, “you have to change what you eat.” It’s truly the only way. The poop has to be so soft, healthy, and full of fiber that it practically falls out of your bunghole. Try supplementing with psyllium husk for a few weeks to get the process going, then after that just make sure you are getting your daily fiber. In the end, the less effort it takes to release the dirty brown, the better.

Good luck.

If you have been working out that often for that long a stretch and your ass hurts; then take a week off. You probably needed it anyway. You’ll come back stronger, fresher with a painfree ass and be even happier.

I always thought I had a bit of IBS. My poops used to always be soft and often, like 3 times a day. My stools aren’t as soft as they used to be. I bought some Metamucil but I’m a little afraid to use it thinking that I’ll be on the toilet all day long. I’ll try on Sunday. Thanks for the suggestions.