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Dealing with Gyno: Diet/Training or Letro?


Hey I have took a cycle about a year ago and I had some really good gains. That being said my nutrition was shit and I put on a lot of fat as well. So long story short Im kind of a fat ass right now ( I just really started upping my cardio and eating clean now, trying to strip some fat) , But yea bf% has to be high not sure, but i know im about 40 pounds overweight, I do have lumps under my nipples, more like disks and they will slide around a bit when pushed.

Also nipples have never really been sensitive even when I was on a cycle, So guys please take a look at the pics and let me know if you think my moobs will go away with just clean eating and cardio, and blasting chest, OR.... should i start up with the letro like yesterday haha

Thanks Guys






Have you tried going to a gym and lifting weights?


Right side




I know I look like shit man i deal with it every day, and Im working on it now man, A friend of mine talked me into taking steroids when I was younger, dumber, and had no fucking business whatsoever using them. If I could go back and not do them trust me I would, but all I can do now is look forward and try to better myself, so if you have advise on the gyno and or chest fat I would greatly appreciate it.


You have no idea what you will look like till you a) gain significant muscle mass and b) lean out. Thats going to take you a year or more minimum of solid training and decent diet so until you've put the work in I wouldn't worry about it. You just look unfit.


These do not look like pictures of someone who has ever done any lifting at all. When I posted my original comment it was not meant sarcastically. There is no appreciable muscle and significant fat. To look like this after steroid cycles is unacceptable and indicates a complete lack of competence in both training and diet.

This is not a forum for teaching people about the basics, it is supposed to be an intelligent discussion of PEDs.


I know how bad I look and I am trying to change it, but yes I have lifted before, I have actually been lifting many years. I am 6"3 and my weight right now is about 275 ( which does not really matter I still look like shit right now). Like I said I am probably about 40 pounds overweight, which you are right is completely unacceptable.

For a little background I played football throughout high school and college (lineman), and the whole philosophy was there is no such thing as good weight or bad weight its just weight, well anyway like I said a friend offered a cycle and I did it, which was over a year ago, and I did put on a lot of weight, and strength sky rocketed, but looking back my diet was shit as you can tell, I pretty much just ate everything I came across just trying to put on pounds.

Well when my football career was ended short (acl), I kept eating like shit and my activity was next to nothing for almost 6 months. Anyways one day I looked in the mirror and had the same reaction you did, and I decided its time for a change.

While getting back into training (which has not been long) I really started noticing my chest is a lot more flabby then it has ever been, I know this is in part to my pecs not being developed as they once were, but then I also started worrying that I might have developed gyno, which is why I started this thread in the first place, to ask intelligent people who are more familiar with the subject than I if in there opinion does it look like I have developed gyno and the next step is letro, or is there to much fat on my chest to even make a fair assessment right now (which if so I will post more pics in a couple months)




I was born with mild gyno, lived with for 29 years (was chubby when I was younger) took steroids for 5 of those years on and off, then had surgery to have it removed, so I'll share my experiences with you.

1) The size of the gyno is directly proportional to your body fat levels, this is a DIET related issue, AAS and training may burn a little extra fat than usual, but it is diet related, less carbs, more healthy fats including lots of flaxseed (which has anti estrogenic effects) and of course plenty of protein will increase lean mass, helping you to burn more resting calories and will lower body fat. You may well find that with healthy body fat levels the lumps are bearable. Look at this is something causing you to better yourself, take a positive from this negative.

2) Nolvadex alone will minimize the size of the lumps

3) Surgery is the ONLY way to get rid of gyno.


I am asking about your (educated) opinion on whether or not you think I might have developed gyno, not ur judgment on whether or not I look like an acceptable steroid user.


Just bear in mind that just being overweight can give you gyno alone.

Rational is saying what I was saying, but I was being nice about it. Probably too nice. Put it this way, you need to go back to the drawing board and/or find someone who knows what they are doing, because you look like you have never lifted weights. Forget about steroids, learn to lift and get your diet in check. Once you look a lot better, THEN you can worry about gyno. At the moment it looks like anyone elses chest who is overweight and doesn't lift.

He is right though, this forum is for steroid discussions only, I guess the gyno kind of qualifies it, but maybe not much? Perhaps the mods would like to move the thread?


Look I know I am fat, I understand this and have pointed it out many times throughout this thread, but to say that I have never lifted weights because of this is you being a dick, I know how to lift weights and have lifted for a long time,but also like i have said i have been out of it for about a year, and if you read my posts you would know this. I am out of shape.

I do not want to take steroids, I AM CONCERNED ABOUT GYNECOMASTIA and possibly taking letro to try and reverse it if I in fact do have it, and trust me if there was another forum to put it on I would have went there first, but seeing as there are STICKIES ABOUT GYNO ON THE STEROID FORUM I figured this was probably a good place to start.

Now wether or not you think I look like someone who has ever lifted does not concern me whatsoever, I am asking if it LOOKS LIKE I HAVE DEVELOPED GYNO, now the information you gave me that you can develop gyno from simply being overweight is good, and I appreciate that, seeing as that is what I was asking for, but as far as your opinion about the rest of my appearance or wether or not i have ever lifted weights I could give two-shits

So thank you from you dickhead post and that of a couple other people I am going to get my BF% to somewhere around 10-15% and then start discussing the possibility of Letro.