Dealing with Golfers Elbow (Tendonitis)

Hey guys, so just around over a month ago I had been diagnosed with golfers elbow (discomfort on the inner part) I had taken a whole month off roughly and its my 3rd workout back (i can only handle doing my whole upper body at once). Although in my workouts my elbow is 90-95% fine with all pushing excersises but i cannot even lat pull down 70 lbs with some discomfort. Therefore, i have cut out all pulling for back and biceps because i do not want to re aggravate the tendons and i want to let it heal up at the same time since the condition is pretty good now.

My question is…do you think I should worry about muscular imbalances from temporarly neglecting my pulling (back bis) muscles for several more works until its strong enough again? I just dont want to get another annoying and stupid injury by having some imbalance and wondering if there were any excersises i could do to prevent this…

Do you think deadlifts would be alright with straps or would that pull my tendons more?


I suffered from elbow tendonitis for years, it dictated every workout I had.
I had read about Voodoo Bands here and I purchased them from Roguefitness.
I have been pain free for 2 years. You might google them, it may not work for everyone but I am believer.

I had golfers elbow really bad, and a few things have all but fixed it:

  1. on the elbow it’s hurting, look at wrist positioning, making sure you’re not oddly over extending it or letting it roll over during lifts

  2. high rep Curls. I’m talking 40+ rep sets, usually just use a barbell, reverse or regular grip. first few reps kind of will hurt a bit, but after that it starts to feel better. Idk, Paul Carter and Jim Wendler recommended it for elbow pain, 100 rep BB curls, and it worked. No idea why, just did

  3. Voodoo bands, as the above poster said. Did wonders

  4. Pulling exercises that hurt (my issue was vertical pulling mostly), use fat grips. Once again, not sure why, alleviated all pain for me.

Try any of this, hopefully it helps!

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use a lax ball on every part of your forearm on the ground. Also the upper arm and delts. Warm up well. Find movements/postitions that don’t hurt AT ALL and use light weight/tempo. Sometimes working out antagonistic muscles will help as well.

I’ve been dealing with this issue for about a year on and off. It took about 2-4 months, and the pain has subsided quite a bit.

For me, these things worked. I haven’t completely stopped lifted at the time, I just reduced the weight and went through the movements. I purchased voodoo bands from Rogue Fitness, and they have helped me somewhat. To be honest, I kind of gave up on them after awhile, but I think they do work as long as you do it daily. For almost all of my pulling movements I have started using a thumbless grip, and that has definitely helped me out. I also squat and OHP thumbless. Anything to take pressure off of my elbow, it has helped. Also I found certain stretches on YouTube to help with the tendinitis as well.

From my experience, that stuff has worked for me. After a couple months, the pain finally went away. It may come back off and on for a day or two, but then goes away.

Hope this helps!