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Dealing With Epididymitis

Has anyone ever dealt with epididymitis? If so, how long did it take to clear up and heal completely? My doctor advised me not to lift for two weeks. I dont think Ive gone that long without lifting since I was 12. Im concerned that my muscles will atrophy completely during these two weeks.

I know that, in reality, this wont happen but its still in the back of my mind. It has taken me almost 15 years of working hard to finally start figuring out what works for me and what doesnt. I dont have the body of a competitive bodybuilder, nor the strength of a champion powerlifter, but Im proud of what Ive accomplished - Ive worked hard for my gains and I feel like they are going to waste away.

My routine is based on moderately heavy compound movements such as deadlifts, barbell bent rows, squat, bench, standing military presses, etc. Although epididymitis is caused by a bacterial infection, Im somewhat convinced that I exacerbated the situation while going heavy on one of these, as it was originally believed that epididymitis was a result of over-straining (similar to the cause of a hernia).

Should I go right back into these exercises? Any advice would be appreciated!

I had the surgery done about 4years ago while I was in highschool.

Sadly to say, I wasn’t weight training at the time, so I can’t really tell you my experiences in that matter.

What I would say is to 1)listen to your doc regarding weight limits and healing times, and 2)listen to your body. If you start feeling any pain at the incision point, STOP. The last thing you need is a hernia.

Start out with maybe 50% weight on all exercises and see how it feels. Go from there. Just be VERY aware of that incision point, because once you tear those stiches and internal sutchers, you’re fucked for alot longer than you’re gonna want to be.

Good luck dude.