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Dealing With Chronic Illness


I've got some sort of chronic gut illness. Hopefully, the doctors will have a diagnoses and will start treatment by the end of the month (gallbladder is suspected). This has made it very difficult to get more than 2000-2500 calories a day at a leanish 190 (4 pack). This is down from 198 over about a month and my gut is only getting worse so I can expect that number of calories/day to go down.

My deadlift is still slowly getting better. My bench press is stalled. My squat is regressing fast. Not only is there the weight loss issue, but it's very difficult to get enough calories in to have the energy for a good workout. I'm still trying because I don't want all the effort and time I've put into this to be wasted.

Now I figure there isn't much I can do about my lifts now, but I was wondering what I can expect as far as getting my weightlifting back up to par after everything is sorted out. Does anyone have a similar experience (lost weight after illness).


Only advice is to go slow on increases of weight lifted and calories consumed. Look into probiotics and digestive enzymes btw.


Baby Wipes.


Not the issue. Bloating, nasea, pain, and vomiting are the symptoms.


They helped for a little while, but then things got worse and now they don't do a thing. But thanks anyway (not meant in a facetious way).