Dealing with Calluses Tearing? Good Beginner/Intermidiate Programs?

Training around torn calluses sucks. I am new to weightlifting in general so I assume that calluses and calluses actually tearing open, become less frequent with experience???

Does depending on straps too much cause this?

Also, I am wondering what any good beginner/intermediate programs there are? So far, I’ve been doing my own thing which probably isnt the best idea. Who has the best programming for cheap?
Any insight appreciated!


Scott, keep your calluses under control with regular sanding. Use a medium to coarse grit paper. Another option trimming them with a razor blade. Some have had luck with various moisturizers, like bag balm. Perhaps some grip work is in order?

Training for beginners should focus more on technique practice with basic strength work. That means a lot work on the classic lifts for up to three reps. Keep the weights around 80%, for the most part, heavy enough that you’ll miss the lift if you use poor technique, but not so heavy that your technique will break down. Throw in some power snatches, power cleans, pulls, overhead work, press, push press an, etc., and, of course, front and back squats.

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How often should I work to a heavy single on classic lifts? or should I? Its weird, I have days where I can do 3reps at 95-100% or “power” my previous pr and other days where 80% crushes me. I find this happening alot on clean n jerk but most days snatching feels the same regardless of %. What do you think is a smart way to program things?

I would say work up to a limit single once a week, as long as your technique isn’t suffering as the weights get heavier. Inconsistent results like yours point to technique problems, but you do not experience that in the snatch. So, I have no explanation there. Three reps would indicate that you are good for a heavier single.

Really, there is only one acceptable reason to miss a lift, and that is because it is too heavy.

This is the problem solver. Hard skin tears. Cut it down to the soft skin that stretches. I have not had callous issues for a few years.

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Calluses will still tear even with experience. It’s probably a good idea to take care of them in one of the ways mentioned. I don’t and I work with a lot of women and whenever we shake hands I always get a weird look.