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Dealing With Bruises

I am a high school lacrosse player. This means that I am constantly being beaten up and getting bruises. What can be done to speed the departure of bruises? What should you do/not do?

Comfrey the wonder herb!
Back in medievil times this herb was called Knitbone and Boneset. It was prepared as a poultice for external application (there are alkaloids so it’s best not to ingest).
Nowdays you can get potent Comfrey cream from pharmacys.
This stuff accelerates your healing processes. It also seems to bring the colour out in bruises, so you could have a small knock, apply the cream, and the next day have some wonderfull irridesant yellows and greens appearing.

Not only is this plant good for healing, it’s great in compost as well - your plants will love it!

I am a college rugby player. Just leave them alone and try not to whine. Ice immediately post-injury may help.