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Dealing with Appetite Loss

Over the last few weeks, my appetite has dwindled very, very low - I think I took in just 1600 calories the other day. The only time I’m really all that hungry is breakfast (4 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup oatmeal) and afterwards it just sort of levels off and drops.

Recently I haven’t been doing that great in terms of workouts either (missed 3 workouts recently because the gym has been closed due to floor refinshing/Labor Day/me not knowing the hours) and my weight has been steady at 173.something for the last two or three weeks, aside from shifting water weight (trying to gain right now.) How do you guys get over appetite loss and the lethargy that accompanies it?

Try adding some new things to your diet. Something you haven’t eaten before or haven’t eaten in a while. Drink a couple calorically dense smoothies. Don’t stress it TOO much. It can be immensely challenging to maintain a solid high calorie diet indefinitely, and I think that over time your body does need a bit of a breather. But ultimately, you will need to just tough it out and get those extra calories, appetite loss or not.

your body will adapt. When I started eating big I felt like puking all day. Now If I get any less then 4000 calories a day I’m starving.