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Dealing with a Tweaked Neck


i strained my neck on the incline bench press. silly eh? it just feels like a muscle tweak. i do not have much experience with this, but what can i do to get rid of it? i cant turn my head all the way to the left without feeling pain at a certain point.


Something we all experience at one point or another. I find alternatng between hot and cold compresses works well for me. I don’t think there’s really much else to be done other than rest up. Give it a few days try some light training sessions to see how you feel


stretching in all angles, until it feels better stay away from neck work, but if u have a neck harness or 4way neck machine use that to buld up strength in all directions of it, pull ur head down in diagonals u should feel it good hold those for 8 seconds and do both sides. keep ur neck on the bench while its strained u dont want to add strain to it


I jack my neck up all the time, usually some ART or chiro work can get it back to speed pretty quick. Of course rest helps, but who the fuck takes time off?



Welcome to my club. I just made a similar post in the over 35 forum threads.

It happens to me on deadlift and shrug days. Pinching a nerve, usually on the left side of my neck.

Since I sit at a desk/computer all day at work…I’ve just been trying to slowly and gently move it around all day afterwards.

Slowly tucking my chin to my chest and holding…then chin to the sky and hold…

The I’ll try turning in each direction until I feel the slightest stretch, and hold. And finally I will will roll to the left and right, instead of just turning.

It seems that over the course of the day…I can really increase the range of motion, and if not alleviate the pain, at least deal with it better.

Alternating hot and cold on your neck/traps in the shower helps also.

good luck.