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Dealing w/ a Stalking Ex-Boyfriend


I been messing with this woman since the beginning of summer, shes 3 years older than me (she's 25 im 22).Just this past week an ex boyfriend of hers pop back up into the picture, but she dont want nothing to do with him. This guy is 31, too old to be acting lie this. Anyway he be sitting out watching her apartment and calling her phone 1000 times. So on Friday I go to pick her up and he was sitting out in the lot.

So she comes and gets into my car and we drive off and this guy follows us. I keep a 40 caliber pistol in my armrest and a 20 gage shotgun in my trunk. When i realized he was following us I wanted to pull into a gas station and hoped he would stop too so I could go put that guy in check, but the woman i was with didnt want me to and she wont tell me where her ex stays at, so I cant go over his house thats out.

Any tips on handling this legally and nonviolently?

Last time I was over there he was sitting out in the parking lot. I was ready to go out there and let off a few hollow points into his car, but she say it aint that serious and she dont want me to get locked up.


Hey man,

Respect that weapon. Don't go pulling it out unless you absolutely have to.

A pussy ex-boyfriend is hardly worth reaching for the steel.

Knuckle up and handle it.

Don't give these asshats more reason to take my weapons.


Why you rolling with all them firearms? If you're telling the truth and this isn't an interwebs story you might be headed to prison. Youth+guns+emotions=death and or prison sentence. And, watch the people you get involved with.




You pulling your weapon prematurely like that is just plain stupid.

And I wonder why we have so many anti-gun people in this country...


Rolling with those guns isn't necessarily a bad idea...itching to use them like the OP apparently was, is just asking for trouble.


So you're either a drug dealer or not so bright by what you just said. Pull into a gas station to pull our your gun on this guy? So what happens if you miss your target and hit the fuel pumps?


id just leave the girl, definetly not worth my trouble if she has an ex like that, and hes over 30, she must have issues,

and no need to be thuggin on the net G, we all know you wont be shooting anyone anytime soon. i know you are smart enough to realize you dont want to spend most/all of your life in jail, especially over a girl who doesnt sound like she is worth it at all, this is reality, you cant just shoot people in the real world without consequences


Oh damn, I fell for it.

Let me give it a try?

So there I was right? Just minding my own business when some asshole face steps up to me and gets all in my grill. I'm like, "Look bro, back up off me." He's like, "I'll punch you in the BACK OF YOUR FACE."

Shit, I mean, who wants to get punched in the back of the face? That's the worst part of the face to get punched. I set my Zima down and that's when shit got crucial. He whistles for his boyz, and they surround me while cracking their knuckles. They were all smoking pcp and some looked strapped.

Not to be a punk, I say, "Want to see a magic trick?" A few of them scoffed at me, obviously unimpressed. I reached in to my Members Only jacket pocket and produced a deck of cards. The leader of these ruffians started sweating as I began shuffing.

"Take a card, motherfucker" I said in a low, gutteral voice. Hands trembling, the gangbanger pulled a card from the middle of the deck. "Ten of clubs, bitch!"

The horror on his face will forever burn in my memory. A few gangstas in his crew started backpeddling, but there was nowhere to run.

I yanked out the gats and starting blasting. Bodies fell like rain in Seattle. Screams of mercy went ignored. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone really, just scare them a bit. Brain matter and intestines littered the scene, and I even paused to notice my godly biceps in the mirror as the steel recoiled again, and again, and again.

After the storm subsided and the thunder stopped, I picked my Zima back up and dropped a watermelon Jolly Rancher in that bitch and took a nice long hard sip. As I surveyed the joint HOPING some more punk ass bitches needed to be put in check, I remembered it was Friday night, and Menace II Society was on TBS.

I broke up out of there and hopped in my 1992 Honda Civic. With the money I save on insurance, I got some spinnas and some hydraulics yo. I flipped some and hopped on out of that parking lot feeling like a real pimp.

My question is, do you guys think it's cooler to hold your gats sideways while spitting fire, or upside down? Looking back, I probably should have switched it up a bit. Oh well, there's always next weekend.


hahaha my favourite part was the 92 honda civic, lol


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Dissonance, that is one crazy post, good one!

OP, treat that stalker ex real nice. One day, you'll be the stalker ex, following her around, trying to get your money back.


Crap...I forgot that this guy is a troll.


The first thing you need to do is go to school.

Until you get educated do not have any relations with women. You may end up procreating and that would be doing the entire world a disservice.


How about for starters, call the police and get a restraining order. Then if anything happens, he was documented as stalking.


Your post oozes manliness, and you proved that you have street cred by wanting to bust some hollow points into the guy.

Seriously, go to the cops. Be an adult.


this guy is a troll everyone :stuck_out_tongue:




If you pistol whip his ass, you will be seriously FUCKED. Get rid of the guns, why do you need so many. Have you and her go to the police and file a report about the stalking. In some states, stalking is a felony. Do it legit, you can't handle it in the street like you might want to.


TWO GUNS is "so many"?!?!??!



y0 b

I roll wit da heat in ma ride y0

brap brap!

What a lame post, seriously.