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Dealing(training) with a hernia

Just this weekend, I noticed a small “bulge” in the crease of my thigh, next to my groin. It is “pea” sized, and hard. I am not sure if it is a swollen gland, or a small hernia. I have done some internet research, as well as talking to my father, who recently had hernia surgery, and am about 50/50 if it is a hernia or not. If it doesn’t improve, I will ofcourse go to a doctor. I stayed away from power cleans and heavy shrugs this week.
Has anyone else delt with a hernia ? What treatment did you seek, what was your recovery like ? How long did you stop training ? Thanks for all comments and info. Stuu

 I have the same thing on my left hamstring. It's been there for at least a year now. You can see the sensitivity of the situation when you realize its just a couple inches below my ass. laugh all you want you sick bastards. The sad part is I can't even afford to go to the doctor. So I have no idea if it's a hernia, or something else. It's just about the size of a pea, it's hard, and it doesnt give me any pain - my hams are at about their strongest right now. Any thoughts? U T-doctors, help us poor college kids out here!

Without seeing you personally, I can only give you an educated guess here, so here goes.

That’s not a hernia. The small size, hardness, and discreteness of what you describe all go against that. A hernia would be soft, is generally larger, and less of a discrete “thing.” It’s usually more of a soft bulge, unless it’s incarcerated. What you likely have is just a lymph node. At the size you stated, chances are it’s perfectly normal.

Tony, I don’t know what to tell you. Can you be more specific about where it is?

DocT, thank you for your response. I will monitor it over the next week.
Tony, that would be an odd spot for a hernia, methinks.

DocT’s probably right. It’s not a hernia if it’s not soft. Likely to be a lymph node (gland) in that area. Feel the other side too and see if you can feel it there. Funny, they can swell for no apparent reason, and then decrease just as quickly back to normal.

However get a doc’s checkup if you’re worried.SRS