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Deal with People That Don't Know Lifting?


I'm going to come right out and say this. I don't know very much about weight lifting. At the gym I go to there are people that seem to know absolutely nothing about weight lifting. For instance there is a girl there that has been a figure competitor before. She has absolutely no clue how to lift weights. Every time I see her she's repping 65lbs for 3x10 or doing pec flies with 10lb dumbells. I know there is a disparity between male and female strength, but com'mon 65lbs on bench and 10lb dumbells for flies.

Then there's the guys that are hung up on tris and bis and don't do legs because it's "too hard" or "they'd get sore". I guess people could say all I care about is lower body strength. I don't have 20in guns maybe more like 12in, but I ripped of 7 singles of Anderson front squats with 305 today at a body weight of 215. I wish people would wake up and realize that their arms would get better if they'd man up and do some squats and deadlifts even for 3x10 with 1 min rest between them.

It bums me out to see people come in the gym and not try to get better. Every time I'm in there I'm trying to lift more weight than I did last time. I guess I'm trying to say that it seems that most people I see in the gym have a completely fucked idea of a good workout in their heads. I'm not trying to be the gym nazi, but why are there so many half reps and so much exercising and so little working out?

I like Dan John's fitness goals. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/do_this_not_that

15 reps with body weight in bench. (I'm sure most guys in my gym could do that but then again maybe not if you want a full ROM press. They're all 3/4 reps)

15 honest pull ups(I can't do that and I doubt there are a lot of in my gym that could either. I see some many half ROM pullups)

15 reps with body weight on squat (sounds pretty easy. I was repping 265 this summer 20 times. that shit got old quick though)

I think the double body weight deadlift is harder than all of this stuff, well, except for the 15 reps with body weight. I might get 4 or 6.


get a video of them, post it in SRC and have a lulzy time. That's how.


wait, you're 215 lbs and have 12 inch arms?

anyway, good for you


You're proud of neglecting arms? You're just as bad as the people you're complaining about. Sounds like you've been brainwashed by reading too many "hardcore" articles.

And don't shit on a woman's strength. Does she have a good figure? Then she knows what she's doing.

Seems like yours didn't.


Food for thought:

According to Dan John, I am more of a man than you. However, you are stronger in several lifts than me, and you look 35.

Lastly, you're right, you don't know much about working out. Or you would know that half reps can be very useful, arm training is useful

Just accept that you're a beginner, continue progressing, compete with yourself and don't give advice until you know it is good advice.


I suggest you try caring less. Who are you, Captain Save-A-Bro?


I love working out my tris


You notice way to much of what Others are doing to be real.

You don't know why these people are at the gym. That chick fucking with the dumbbell could be a pro shake weight model and she needs nice arms that move fast at her face. How would your squats help her?

Hush and train.


You deal with people who don't know how to lift by trolling their goofy forum posts.


I've been meaning to say this for the longest time, but the look on your face in your avatar had made me not take a single thing you've ever posted on here with a grain of salt.

It is obvious you've never worked out your face muscles and will likely die alone


For real. I was just in an accident. I could see someone like the OP looking at how I lift right now and assuming all kinds of shit just because they don't know about the injuries.

The OP has 12" arms.

I wouldn't even post that on an open forum if building size was my goal....since that would mean I'm failing at it....especially with an overall body weight over 200lbs.

The OP is just as bad as the people he complains about.


Not one of the fitness of figure girls at my gym lift heavy

They do alright at shows.

How have those squats helped your arms? Were they 7 inches before?

Full ROM sucks on Bench Press and most other lifts because locking out takes tension of the muscles or lessens it.

You're um......idk, talking shit about people you aren't any better than. You belong in the squat rack thread. With all the other people who can pass judgment because of insane superiority.....who suck just as bad


Given the fact that he opted to complain on this site, I'd say OP is worse.


I deal with them by paying attention to my own workout. I guess its different when you have to compete?


Mfw I went to a public gym for a douchebag session around Christmas time. I was wearing my bandana skull cap, a baby-blue muscle shirt, camouflage sweat pants, a fanny pack, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves and a belt.

I spotted, i.E. shrugged up some other guys smith machine bench, while he spotted/rowed my 4 plate HS incline bench.

Fun fact: We were the 2 biggest, most jacked guys in that gym.

I bet some fairy's similar to the OP were thinking "They're doing it all wrong, these guys don't know dick about lifting weights, LMAO!11"

Haters Gonna Hate.


What an adorable elephant.


Lol the Op is such a douchebag!


12" arms? For real?




He's worse than the people he complains about, since the people he complains about are actually lifting at the gym, no matter how misguided or out of whack their efforts are. The OP just goes there with his thumb up his vag and tries not to leave herpes pustule pus all over the leg press machine. Plus, he's 22 y/o and has the hairline of a 40 y/o and looks like the picture in his avatar is his first ever exposure to sunlight. He is completely devoid of testosterone.