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Deaf Native American Shot by Police



It's been a long time since I watched the news. sorry if this was posted


Sad for all involved.


Thanks for the post. Tragic indeed. I am curious as to why the officer felt threatened to the point of using deadly force.


That is very sad. Seems like the officer really screwed up.


Oh man. Sad indeed.
I'm pretty sure the officer is feeling terrible guilt right now for his over-reaction and fatal mistake.

And like Evolv said, I wonder why the officer felt threatened enough to use deadly force. In the video, the man was clearly NOT coming after the officer.


Wait...so an elderly man who can barely hear or walk was gunned down because a cop told him to drop a carving knife but he didn't?

ELDERLY, CRIPPLED AND DEAF is now threatening. Why would any cop pull a gun to start with?

Sidenote...I also didn't know Seattle was the name of an Indian chief.


The knife he had was legal...so why would he need to drop it? What reason did the cop have for running after him and demanding he drop the knife?


Yeah that's the real question. Based on that article I see no cause for the officer to draw down on the victim. Who knows what the real story is because that one in the article doesn't make sense.

A man that could barely walk was hobbling across the street, the man was carrying a small carving knife AND a block of wood (obviously what he was carving), the officer told him to put the knife down, he didn't put the knife down so the officer shot him 4 times?

That doesn't make any sense at all


Jesus thats so fucked up!

The guy looked clearly non-threatening and I doubt we missed anything that would say otherwise!

Gun ready, three 'quick' warnings then bang bang bang bang. Unbelievable!


That's how it sounds on the vid. They didn't have time for anything else to happen. The gunshots rang out almost right after he demanded he drop the knife for no reason.

My personal opinion has always been that cops have too much perceived power. Cops are not supposed to be baby sitters for the rest of us....so demanding a grown man put a knife down just because you see a knife is fucking retarded and shows how much they disrespect the community they are supposed to be serving.

I had a cop about 2 months ago pull me over while I was riding my bike for NO reason. I wasn't speeding, hadn't changed lanes (illegally or otherwise) and was on my way to work. He still wrote me a ticket saying my license plate was obscured (IT WASN'T). I had to miss a day of work just so they could dismiss this in court.

In conclusion, a cop can pull you over, force you to lose money from work in great excess to any ticket, all because they can even if you do nothing wrong.

I think they need to be "depowered".


Really? I would think a man feeling guilt wouldn't have pulled a deadly weapon on someone that easily.


This is why I'm glad the UK police only carry firearms in exceptional circumstances (and even then they manage to kill innocent people).


"He had a knife and he wouldnt drop it"

So ummmm you shot him 4 times in a row?!?!?!

I hope this cunt never forgives him self for being such an idiot.


This is what happens when those friendless children with fucked up parents grow up.


Bikes are just magnets for cops it seems. I've been pulled over several times on my bike for no reason. I haven't gotten a ticket on it yet but have been pulled over a few times. My buddy has gotten two liscence plate obstruction tickets on his R1. I think that's a pretty lam ticket. Seems like they can ticket you for any liscence plate that isn't stock


It's not they need to be "depowered" as much as there needs to be much more strict psychological testing procedures to see who's "fit" to be in that position of power. As it is, the testing procedures are a joke.

And, I'm not trying to be funny or an ass but was that a deaf neighborhood? I know the article said the video was taken near a kind of halfway house for drinkers. I ask 'cause the blond girl walking by barely flinched when she heard the gunshots which were less than 20 feet away. That's not a normal reaction.


This is ridiculous, that cop should serve time.


Actually, he should have never had a badge to start with. They get real cocky way too quickly. No crime was being committed. There was NO reason to stop the guy other than he saw a knife and a piece of wood. That community says this is common in that culture....so what idiot is "serving and protecting" a community that he knows nothing about and lacks respect for?

But while we're at it...what the hell is with all of the unmarked (or subliminally marked) police cars in Houston? Do they even make real police cars anymore? You are either undercover or not.


I agree with every word of this.


True. Honestly, I don't know how you could talk your way out of this situation without facing some sort of trial.

When did it become illegal to carry around a knife that is pretty clearly not there for malicious intent?