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Deaedlift technique

Performing the deadlift. What is the correct pause position between reps? Do I, (1) remain in the down position, take a breath whilst bent over and proceed with the next rep? or (2) do I rise vertically, take a breath and then bend down to commence the next rep? For me, option (1)induces slight back pain and limits the lifts wheras option (2) allows for no back pain and either more reps or a heavier load. Which is the correct technique for proper execution of the lift? Thanks in advance. Jake

neither is really correct, they just train different things. pausing at the bottom of the rep and taking a breath will eliminate the stretch shortening cycle, but overload the posterior chain better than bouncing it up and down. bouncing it up and down utilizies elastic energy stored in your muscles and fascia to lift the weight up again, hence you can lift more weight because of this stretch shortening cycle. So depending on what you are training for both can be effective. pausing will increase strength and mass more. bouncing will allow you to lift more weight but possible injure your back,

Do the pause on the floor. During this time technically reset to the same starting position as the first rep. Alot of guys don’t get the hips low enough on the later reps, causing the back pain. One trick which is good if you compete in PL or OL is to practice a dynamic start on each rep. To do this you put the bar on the ground, bring the hips up slightly, and then quickly pull the hips down to the start position. This will initiate a strong stretch reflex and help you break the bar from the floor fast.