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Hey guys

I went to my skool gym 2day and i was about to do some deads when one of my friends said that deads stunt ur growth.

We went to this instructor/counselor guy, and he said that he didnt like deads, and that there were better exercises. I knew he was wrong, but i felt bad if i went and did deads. i decided to do a reverse hyper extension instead.

Do deads really stunt growth, or is that BS?

Thanks alot


PS- im 14 if that matters and im pretty sure i keep good form


BS. The deadlift is arguably (with squat) the best excersize out there.


After the olympic exercises, of course.


They won't stunt your growth. It's complete BS - you aren't capable of picking up anywhere near enough weight to create forces high enough to fuse growth plates. No one is.

That said, if you don't keep good form, it's possible to get injured pretty easily if you haven't done some good work already on your lower back, hamstrings, etc, so take it slow while you learn the movement. I'd do 5-6 sets of 4-5 reps with a weight that isn't real challenging to get the groove at first - once you feel confident, start adding significant weight.



I am not saying i am picking up enough to fuse my growth plates, just how much would i have to lift to fuse them?

I am not a complete begginer to DL. i have done them a least 10 times in my life. I think they are my fav. exercise.

One more question about DL.

Is it better to add more weight, or stand on a plate and add more ROM?

We have to HUGE bumper plates at school, so that is why im asking.

Thanks for all your help.



People tell me stupid stuff like that in my weightlifting class all the time. I was deadlifting once and these guys were giving me funny looks, finally one came over and told me I should wear a belt or my intestines will explode. I just laughed. That same day another guy asked if I was going to curl it. I'm probably the only person to deadlift with a straight bar in my school
s weightroom. In football workouts (BFS program) we were taught to use trap bars.
Today another football player told me there was something wrong with me because I lift intensely and take my lifting class seriously. Again, I just laughed. What a dumbass.


Well, if you were to use near your 1-rep max, you'd be co-star in that classic Steven Seagal hit, "On Deadly Ground". Stay away from max efforts like that and you'll be good to go.

I want to go all Dan John on you, so I'll say: Either, or both. Try them and see.