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Hey ya’ll I had my max effort day today and did deads. It was the first time I hade ever done them before. I pulled 325 for one and I probably could have gotten 330-335 but didn’t want to over do my first time. Give me some input as to how I did. I used basketball shoes and no belt. I’m six one and 226 so it not to bad. Do you think it will be enough if i pull 350-360 to win a small powerliting meet comeing up I’ll be in the 14-15 age group 242 weight class. Thanks for the input.

That’s pretty good for a 1st time & with no (or not much) practice, but there’s still LOTS & LOTS of room for improvment. At your bodyweight, you could easily pull 600 raw someday if you stick at it. What kind of basketball shoes? I’m using Chuck Taylors & they work well. I’m not sure how you’d do in a meet though.

you never know. you might win and even set a record. the michigan apf deadlift record for a 242 lb 14-15 year old is 455. the usapl 220 14-15 year old record in mich is 510.

Well, I think that’s pretty good. And I’m kinda bummed, cuz the other night I hit a dead of 265 (5’4", 120lbs), and thought I was “the bomb”. But I checked out a Powerlifting website and saw that a chick who weighs 123lbs performed a dead of 400-something pounds. Bummed. Cuz I got a ALOT of work ahead of me. BTW: I’m all natural.

So, check out the web and see the records. I didn't check out the "natural" site- didn't have time.

The last post (I think it it’ll be “atteberry”) was ME!!! Major “ooops!”

For your weight, not good. For your age, good. For the first time you did it, good. My junior year in high school I pulled 365 and only a couple went higher than me. Of course I was in the 174lb weight class too.

Good for 1st time 14-15 not so good for weight. One piece of advice though, don’t start using a belt. Just concentrate on keeping your form.

Wrong shoes, get some hard flat ones wiht no heal like old converse

I have to add that Ko (boyfriend) is 5’10"and weighs around 165lbs and regularly deads 315lbs and has done 335. So, after much thought, what you did was good, however for your height/weight in a Powerlifting match, you’re gonna have to deadlift much heavier.

Take into consideration your other lifts and what your total might be. You’ll want to go slightly lower for your opener, then give it all ya got for the next lift. And there’s really no need to worry about what you’re pulling now, at your age, as you’ve got YEARS ahead of you.

Whoa, I just reread this post and this kid is a big boy.

For your weight, its not very good , but for your age, and a first timer, I think its probably excellent. Keep at it.

Where do your hands end up at lockout? Are they above your crotch or below?

Patricia - I train at the gym owned by the woman you’re talking about, assuming you’re talking about Nance Avigliano (maybe you’re talking about Amy Weisberger?). Who knows - maybe ther are a few women who compete in different organizations who have deadlifted that much. Anyway, Nance now competes at 130 and has squatted 458, deadlifted 435, and bench 235 in competition, is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, is 45, and only began training a few years ago to rehab her back after a bad accident and multiple surgeries. Talk about an inspiration. Oh, and there’s a youngster there who those of you who follow powerlifting will soon be hearing about, if you haven’t already. Her name’s Nichelle Whitfield, and at age 14 and 120 lbs., with less than a year of training under her belt, she’s already squatted and deadlifted over 300 in competition. What a hoss!

youll get a lot stronger once you realize you can do more… you just gotta push yourself. I just turned 18 and now i can do over 550 and im about 235. Youll be there in no time

The deadlift is all about motivation, excitement and just getting fired up. More than any other lift the deadlift is influenced more by just “Wanting to lift the damn weight bad enough”. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people’s deadlifts to vary a tremendous amount from one workout to the next, week to week, and meet to meet. Also if you get the weight heavy enough your form will eventually break down and this will happen before you’ve actually reached a max weight. One of the biggest problems I’ve seen with peoples deadlifts (among those that don’t compete) is they try too hard to strive for perfect technique and once technique breaks down they stop when they could be lifting a heck of a lot more. I’ve yet to see any male weighing more then 145 lbs who couldn’t pull 315 with the right motivation and atmosphere. (that’s with no experience deadlifting and a positive powerlifting atmosphere…people yelling at you, getting slapped around etc.) If you’re serious about deadlifting read Dave Tate’s recent article on the subject. If you’re really serious go to a powerlifting meet and watch the technique involved and the arousal required. Best of luck

Hey thanks for all the great input. I’m training with George Walker incase anyone knows him. So what I’ve gathered is that it is a mental thing and I could probably gain some serious weight pretty rapidly just banging them out. My meet is on the 27th so I am planning on train normaly (dynamic days fridays max effort mondays) till the monday before the meet which will be my last day. Do you think that 360 would be a good estimate for that time frame? Thanks again for the help.

Here’s the site I checked out: http://www.usapowerlifting.com/ records/american/women-open.shtml

Pwee-tee intewesting


If you did 325 on your first serious try & could have gone heavier, then 360 would be a fine lift. Whatever you do lift you’ll probably do a whole lot more after you’ve had more time to train for it.