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A question for all you SERIOUS about working out legs. Do you do stiff-legged deads AND normal deads in the same day, or do you rotate b/w the two?? p.s. please include if this changes if you are on any anabolics. thx

every Hip domiant workout for me. Some type of bent knee deadlift (convential, sumo, snatch grip, etc…) and various forms of stiff-leg dead lifts and a of good mornings. No anabolics for me, but then again i’m 17 which so may say is almost like a mild steroid.

Only do SLDL with either front or back squats. Regular deads stand alone.

Deadlifts after squats. That’s it, that’s all we could handle. Haven’t needed stiff-legged deads in years.

brider - so do you split your legs into two days a week, or do you do regular deads with back??

I have done SLDL’s after deads as a finisher, and
have also done them after squats, in order to balance things out. Current leg routine: Conventional deads - 4 work sets X 6 reps. Next: SLDL’s - 3 work sets 6 reps performed 90 seconds apart (followed by some upper back work, calves + abbs).

5 or 6 days later: Front squats - 4 work sets X 6 reps. Next: Back squats - 4 work sets X 6 reps + 1 back-off set performed 90 seconds apart (followed
by some calves + abbs). (Presently I’m training @ 60
to 65% of my 1 rep max.) Next month I’ll be employing a totally different approach.

It always comes down to finding out what works best
for you!

I really don’t do a split. I do two full body routines a week with another peripheral day. One day uses front squats and SLDL, the other regular deads.

cool thing to do is perform a regular deadlift and get the negative as a straight leg. who says you can’t have an eccentric motion with deads. laters pk

I recently finished a 12-week cycle that involved doing deadlifts, leg curls and stiff-legged deadlifts as one of my training days. Calves were also done on this day. Quads were done on a separate day. I followed an Ian King type of workout. I’m taking a break from deadlifts now, as my hamstrings feel abused from so many weeks of heavy lifting.

I alternate weeks. One week on the first training day I’ll do 5 sets of deads, followed by 3 sets semi-stiff legged deads followed by 2 sets leg curls (one leg at a time). On the other week I will work quads. I really like this schedule cause I feel like I am blasting those bodyparts while avoiding overtraining.

I have found that a few light sets of SLDL act as a great precursor to either a heavy squat or deadlift w/out. Maybe it loosens things up, I don’t know, but it worked for me. No longer do any of these due to back injury, but have something I like better. Using trap Bar for what I guess you would call Deadsquats. Great for those that work out at home. In the past, I would never have done any kind of fullblown dead and squat routine on the same day, much less 2 kinds of deads. Kudos to those that can take it.

Squats and then deads, I have not done SLDL in years. My dead lift is usually better (lifting heavier ) after my squats, than day when i just do deads. I did however start working in good mornings after the deads, and I am liking them.