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deads vs. squats

if you had to choose between deadlifts and squats,which one would you choose,and why?

I would do both and screw whatever the third invisible exercise is.

why would you ever have to choose?

Exactly, P-Dog.

That choice is like choosing between two hot twins… just with less iron.


But that’s just because I like 'em and I have a body structure that’s good for deadlifting.

But I can’t imagine a situation where it would be: “Okay, you gotta choose.” Unless it’s like, hell’s gym, in which case I would be able to choose between leg curls and leg extensions.

Dan “Be tossin’ & flossin’, my style is awesome” McVicker

IF I had to choose, though I’m with P-DOG on why anyone would ever need to choose, I’d pick deads in a heartbeat. They work so much more of the body; even my forearms have gotten bigger from pulling!

LOL! I agree, Fat Panda–less iron. You’d HAVE to be anemic to look at it as a choice! One-a-Day, I say!

Just to be different I will say squats. Cos squatting will transfer to bigger deads (in most cases) better than the other way round. Plus deads are more taxing on the CNS.

I like both as well but prefer squats because it takes more guts to get under a heavy load and push it ass to the ground.

Here are my new personal bests:

deadlift: 6 plates/ side for a single
5 plates/ side for 10
(done pulling from the ground with no gear used except for straps because I hate the opposed grip - unneccessarily hard on my shoulder)

Squat: 4 plates/ side for 6 reps
(done ass to the ground with no gear used at all and bar sitting high on neck/ traps).

Don’t want to look like a bragger but I am pretty proud of these accomplishments.

christ p-22, have you considered training westside?

Nope I’m in it for the looks. I’m into bodybuilding - building the most aesthetically perfect physique I can, these moves just happen to be means to an end. I’m just glad I played football when I was young, which, influenced me to incorporate these movements at an early age.

“…Cos squatting will transfer to bigger deads (in most cases) better than the other way round.”
Too true.
I have been negleting my squats while trying to get my Deadlift up… christ its bloddy pathetic now!
looks like it back to squats for a while



Agree you should not be choosing between the 2 but including both in your training.

Deads! Wow, was I the 1st person to answer? For me, deads use more muscle groups than squats.

Tough choice but I would have to choose Pull-ups. Okay, just kidding.

If pushed to choose between Squats and Deads, I choose Squats, reasons:

  1. Number one total leg developer.
  2. Back developer
  3. Ab involvement
  4. I also feel them in my shoulders, and traps.

Barbell swings. I’d swing a barbell at the bastard who wants to prohibit me from doing either squats or deadlifts. Then I’d do the rest of my workout as planned.

deadlifts are a total dody excercise. for legs only then squats. laters pk