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Deads Vs. Squats

This is kind of an odd question, but just bear with me…

What is the “normal” ratio of deads vs. squat numbers?

That is to say, many people can deadlift more than they can squat…Personally, I can’t deadlift worth the shit, but I can squat like it’s my job in life (DL 315, Squat 515 (probably just because I’ve been squatting for years but deadlifting for a couple of months)) Obviously it’s mostly individual, but can anyone shed some light on this…What is it, 2:1, 1.5:1?

squat 515 is ATG?

nothing like that exists

Do you do full squats or partials?

Typically, the people who squat more than they dead lift are the ones who use the wide stance/low bar position.

Traditional olympic squats tend to be weaker than deadlifts due to relying on the quad instead of the hamstrings/glutes.

I use a very wide stance, I don’t go ass to grass but I do go below parallel…

I’d also like to think that the reason I can squat so much more than I can dead is because even before I began working out, like as a child growing up, I always had extremely strong legs…I always had the longest foot on the soccer field, and I kicked for my high school’s football team…Plus, as I said, I have been training the squat for a much longer time than the deadlift…

Short arms, short legs, longer midsection = shit deadlift compared to squat.

Usually when squatting in gear you get massive discrepancies (Mike miller very recently squatted 1015, benched 750 and deadlifted 640…)

Christian T has previously stated that those with long limbs tend to better pullers (they’re better at power cleans and deadlifts rather than squats). He’s mentioned the strengths of long-limbed individuals in this thread: http://t-forums.t-mag.com/readTopic.do?id=285381

He’s also given ratios to determine if you’re long-limbed or not : http://t-forums.t-mag.com/readTopic.do?id=288936

Hope this helps

thanks for all the replies…

for me squat=deadlift, always, in every case, sumo or conv.


Mine is like 1.5:3 i can squat like half of what i DL. Then again im 6’4" and it’s harder for me to go ass to grass and “tallers” lower backs are stronger.

Dude, I think you answered your own question. If you just started deadlifting, don’t expect it to be anywhere close to your squat just yet. You need time to set up recruitment patterns and get used to the exercise. Alot of what people are saying about limb length and body size is right on also. I usually see more people that can squat more than dead, but I don’t think any magical formula exists. Just keep hacking away at both and let the results come.

Rack pulls were very useful for me in my development of my deadlift. My rack pulls are over 500 now and my deadlift is in the mid 450’s. The rack pull movement actually allowed my deadlifting form to get kinda sucky at the end there because my lower back was strong enough to make up for bad form. Now I’m back doing legs to get my form in line before I start going for max deadlifts again… basically I overdid the rack pulls and didn’t do enough legs and it allowed me to cheat a little as far as form was concerned. It was very effective at developing the upper portion of the deadlift movement.