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Deads Relieving Back Pain

I know that there are a lot of Lower back problems with all of us out there. I personally fractured my L3 and L5 a few years back.

Does anyone else find that doing different variations of deads helps their back not hurt?

The only time mine still flares up is when i DO NOT do some form of deads for 3-4 days.

Just curious

Funny you say that but when my back is out. (I have not had a fracture or anything like that) Heavy deads will put me back in alinment (bad spelling I am sure)

I asked my Chiro about this and he just looked at me smiled and said hmmmmm interesting

I have herniated and bulging disc in my lower back. Deadlifts hurt it more than anything. 10 reps of hyperextensions makes it feel good.

See, hyper extensions make mine lock up so bad that I can barely walk the next day!

But all Variations of Deads make it feel great

I have not yet had a back issue (knock on wood) but my back doesn’t get tired/sore standing around thanks to deadlifting.

(I have a hardcore standing arch in my back.)

If you’re in good shape, your muscles will becomes very stiff if you cease working out for a little while. I’m sure this is the cause of your back pain flaring up; stiff posterior chain. Stiffness always flares up old injuries.

This happens to me all the time if I don’t have time to work out, but it takes about 2 weeks for me to really become uncomfortable.