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Deads Progression/H.I.T.

Hey guys, long time no see!

I have lately been bombarded with more work than I thought a human could handle :slight_smile: and have therefore cut down training volume. I have always wanted to try out a low volume approach, really focusing on the important stuff, and figured now would be the best time.

I’ve switched over to a H.I.T. training style. Some things to note - all exercises () are done in the 6-12 range. I pick a weight I can get 6-8 reps with, and then each week try to add reps until I hit 12 reps, then add weight, rinse and repeat. () I do NOT do this for deads or squats, however.
I have NEVER been a fan of high rep squats or deads. I truly do not care about leg size, so that’s not an issue. I’d rather have a big squat.

So, here’s my current setup
Mon: Chest
Tues: Back + Deads
Thurs: Arms
Sat: Shoulders
Sun: Squats + legs

My main question is this: What model can I use for squats and deads for progression? I don’t want to do a full on %'age based program that involves all kinds of complex stuff, since I’ve been doing that for a lnog time. Instead, I’ve gotten the general advice that for deads, I should do 5 sets of 3 fairly easy reps for 2 weeks, and a 1RM on the 3rd week, etc.

Does anyone have a good set/rep scheme for someone in my shoes - a person who wants to get a bigger squat/dead amidst a HIT type program

TL;DR what’s a good progression model for a BBer training split in which the trainee wants to pursue squats and deads like a powerlift?

Or, if you want 5/3/1 style for your squat/dead and a more Hit approach for other groups, buy the 5/3/1 book SECOND edition (page 60-61 about DC training)


I have that book. I ran that program for a while

The second edition ?
Really loved the DC style approach


Do a set of 3 and work up to 5-6 over the next few workouts. Or, if that’s too hard for both in the one workout, do it heavy/speed in alternating weeks.

[quote]hlss09 wrote:
I truly do not care about leg size[/quote]